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Yet another update - nothing to report, sort of.

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  • Yet another update - nothing to report, sort of.

    OK, so I had robot prostatectomy the end of November. JP drain, to drain my pelvis sump ran too much, so they didn't pull it the day after surgery.

    A week later, it's still running, so it stays in along with the catheter.

    Slooowww forward 48 days - the drain stopped so I call the doctor's office to get an appointment. The doctor is in surgery and the nurse who is able to do such things is on vacation, but they set me up with an appointment with the doc a couple days future.

    Slow forward again to day 51, yesterday:
    I'm going out the door for the appointment when the phone rings: "please delay an hour, the doctor is running late in surgery."

    An hour later:
    I'm going out the door a second time when the phone rings: "please come in on Monday, the doctor had an emergency."

    I feel somewhat abused by circumstances. All this delay has been rather frustrating.

    No machine work has been accomplished as I don't want to work with the pipes and pains competing with rotating machinery for my attention.

    I was able to work on a small circuit board, positioned on top of a tool box, so I could solder while standing.

    I fashioned a U-shaped pad from a piece of foam rubber that allowed me to do short sessions seated at the computer to do some CAD work and article writing.

    What few things I have been able to accomplish have occupied but a small percentage of the time that weighs heavy on my hands.

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    Sorry to hear about the problems and frustration. You deserve the attention of the doctor (quality assurance issue at the very least) and I don't think there can be a good excuse for not having enough slack or backup in the organization to attend to things that come up such as your situation.

    I didn't have any subsequent problems from my prostate operation, but I did appreciate the doctor's having a 24 hour answering service that he'd actually call back on if required. I have another friend who had a different doctor, developed an infection following biopsy, couldn't get any help over the weekend so had to go in to emergency to get antibiotics. No excuse in my book.

    Not much we can do for you from here but forward well wishes and prayers.

    "People will occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of the time they will pick themselves up and carry on" : Winston Churchill


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      That's why I dislike the whole medical industry. When you get the bills for all this call them with all these excuses, delays,etc & see how they like it.


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        Originally posted by flylo
        That's why I dislike the whole medical industry. When you get the bills for all this call them with all these excuses, delays,etc & see how they like it.
        When you get the bill, Counterbill them for $75 for each appointment canceled within 48 hours. Most companys have appointment cancelation fees..
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          I hope next week brings better news.


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            Welcome to the disability club. Hopefully, yours is temporary.
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              Remember that the doctor isn't playing golf here. He is taking the time to properly fix somebody that really needs fixing when doesn't meet an office appointment. He can't stop 2/3 of the way through a surgery that has complications and come back to it later just because he as some people waiting for non-emergency appointments in the office. It sounds like he is doing all he can (and way more than most doctors) to minimize your inconvenience by having his staff call you. Most would just let you sit in the office for hours with no explanation or apology. Remember that you will get that same kind of care and attention if you need it and everyone else will just have to wait.


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                I don't *think* I am complaining about the doctor, just the events and circumstances that have conspired to delay the process. I guess it just sucks to be me at the moment,..... well, for the last 52 days.

                Since coming to this condition I found a prostate cancer BBS. (there are forums for everything out there) I try to keep reminding myself that there some people out there worse off than me, and have found many of them on that board.

                I suppose that had this stuff not been caught, I could have been worse off.
                Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
                ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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                  Please tell me you have not had to put up with a catheter for 52 days. Mine was in for 12 and hurt like He!! when the nurse took it out.

                  Hope every thing goes good on Monday.



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                    52 days with the rubber serpent.

                    These things have a inflated balloon on the end, inside the bladder. There are moments when this balloon feels more like the Hindenburg - in its last moments.

                    When I talked to the doc before the DaVinci robotic surgery, he said that because of the severity of my cancer, he would be taking extra surrounding tissue, in addition to the prostate. Talking about the robot, I remarked as a joke that I could probably operate the robot, as I had operated a backhoe at one time.

                    In retrospect, maybe I shouldn't have made the joke about the backhoe.
                    Weston Bye - Author, The Mechatronist column, Digital Machinist magazine
                    ~Practitioner of the Electromechanical Arts~


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                      If you are not on time with your appointments then you are over booking and f***ed up. I would change physicians. I don't tolerate it!


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                        Wes,, that is a hilarious response about the backhoe!!

                        When things slow down like this it is a real bummer!!

                        Hopefully things will get back on track again, and you can get back at your'e machines etc!!


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                          Perhaps instead of having the robotic (key ("peep"??)-hole) surgery you should have the radical surgery - scar that looks like a zipper from navel to pelvis - where they can get two hands in and empty it all onto table, push and poke it, "hmm" and "harrr", tip any parts that are to go back in into a bucket, drop it all in to sort itself out and zip you up - just like a Christmas or Thanksgiving turkey - stuffing and all.

                          Its not much better with a scalpel - any scalpel.

                          Given where and how the biopsy needed to go in and out from its surprising that more don't get an infection from the anus or dose of cancer from the needle as it is withdrawn - several to many times.

                          As long as your PSA stays below the "floor" reading (in parts per million - PPM) of the blood sample measuring maching you should be OK - but if it doesn't - well that's a matter for your Urologist.

                          I know of several who have had PC who would dearly love to be as badly off as you seem to be.


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                            Hi Wes, I am sorry you are still all plumbed up and I hope they can get that sorted for you soon and that everything works well afterwards.