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Blind Hole Keyway

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  • Paul Alciatore
    I assume you have more to do.

    One possibility that occurs to me would be to buy a keyway broach (better get two if you are like me) and make a bushing to fit your 3" long, blind hole. Use an extra piece of 1/4" square stock to push the broach to the bottom. Use a lot of lube/cutting fluid to make extracting the broach easier.

    After doing all the pieces that way, cut off the bottom step on the broach and do them again. Repeat this by cutting one step off the broach at a time until the slots are fully cut to the bottom.

    It will cost you one or two sacrificial broaches, but it should work.

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  • madman
    started a topic Blind Hole Keyway

    Blind Hole Keyway

    Had the Job last evening of making a 3 inch long .250 wide keyway in a One Inch Dia Blind Hole with a Milling machine. Man what a frustrating Job. Its a variable speed Mill. I put it in low as slow as possible. Then bungeed the brake lever on the spindle to keep it from moving. The tooling I had was a old piece of HSS someone gave me, The material was stainless steel 306 material. I spent all evening then filing out the last thou or so for a Passable key slot. I started the second piece but by then the night was over (10 hour shift) and I wanted out. Id appreciate any tips anyone has regarding this type of operation. I asked a few guys in the shop but No one had ever done it (Oh ive heard of that they would say) Fairly sore arm and hand from spinning the mill handle for a entire shift . HA hA was fun though. I need to find a better way of doing these Internal Key slots in a mill. NO our edm is out of action., thanx Mike