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  • gcude
    That's a really, really nice tapping machine you got there. Congrats.

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  • Toxic
    Congratulations! really nice Mill for that price. I am envious..

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  • bborr01
    Hi Jason and welcome to the forum.

    Nice score on the mill. You will find it to be a real nice complement to the lathe.

    As to questions, ask away. There are many very helpful people here that are eager to further the hobby/trade.


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  • R_Audano
    For the purchase price, I dont see how You could go wrong. If it's sloppy (which i doubt) You cannot buy a good drill press for that price.

    I'm jealous!

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    started a topic New guy - new toy

    New guy - new toy

    Been a long time reader - just signed up though - won't really have much to contribute, many more questions probably as I'm just starting out in the hobby..

    I've had a 1940's South Bend 14 1/2 (background) for a few years now and enjoy that, just had this new toy follow me home..

    Its a Bridgeport clone - A 1977 Hartford, a Taiwanese copy...

    It looks like they took care of it, you can still see the flaking on the table and ways.

    I bought it from a shop that was using it to tap an aluminum alloy they cast on site.. They said the x and y axis had not been moved in years, had to loosen the gibs to get them to move - lots of dried coolant (I think) everywhere.. I'll get it cleaned and adjusted and see where I'm at..

    Came with the R8 collets and a 4" riser I had to remove to get it inside..

    I need to get a good vice and a couple handles.

    Hooked it to the VFD last night, ran fine no bad noises - do you guys use the VFD to control speed or change belts? Thought of putting the belt on the middle speed range and over\under driving the motor to get the rpm I'm looking for..

    I gave $450 for it loaded on my trailer - not much more than scrap - hopefully it's not scrap...