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  • Rotary table quandary...

    Decided my next major machining purchase will be a rotary table, after doing some research, I'd decided on a 6" Phase II horizontal/vertical model. My mill is a Grizzly 0619, so I felt that that was about as big as I could go. So here's the quandary.

    I just got the Enco Feb. hot deals flyer and free shipping promo code. Turns out they have the 8" Phase II rotab on sale at a considerable discount, and for less than the 6" model, which isn't on sale. My question is, is this going to be enough bigger than the 6" that I'll be cussing it every time I use it, or will it be okay, even though I have a smaller machine? Using it vertically costs me an inch of work envelope, but I can't imagine doing anything with this mill that that should impact. MT-3 center hole vs. MT-2 is a plus since that's the same size my lathe uses. Weight's a fair bit more, but still well within my ability to move it around.

    So what do you folks think? Looking for opinions here, or even better, actual hands on experience from anyone with the same setup I have/will have. Thanks!


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    I had a 6" rotary table for about 3 days once. I ended up trading it in on a 8" super spacer.

    6" isn't big enough to get clamps on IMO.


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      I think an 8" is gonna totally swamp your mill....
      If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something........


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        Get the bigger one. Thats what I have. Just cause its 8 inch doesnt mean you can put a 8 inch part on it. You still need room for clamps. Mine is a 72:1 ratio, which is odd. I have a chart that I made for using the dividing holes. I'll send it to you or anybody if you want. I have made MANY gears on it and it works great.


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          #1 on the lack of clamping space on the 6" table.


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            Buy the 6" RT and mount an 8" or 9" sub plate on top of it.
            Best of both worlds.



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              Ouch - 95 lbs. for the Phase II 8" horizontal/vertical rotary table? Wait until I fit a chuck or some clamps on it, let alone a workpiece.

              Something tells me that it will be "slightly" too big for my X2 mini-mill. Well, most definitely in the vertical position, but probably also in the horizontal position.

              It should fit just fine on the table of my floor-standing drill press, though.

              Only thing is, I'm not sure that my back is up to the task of hefting it on and off of the table. Maybe the answer is to use the hydraulic scissor table to lift it to the drill press table height, and then somehow manhandle it on to the drill press. I don't have an overhead lifter other than a folding-leg cherry picker, but I suppose that I could use that if necessary.

              So, must I stick with the 6-incher, albeit at greater expense, or do I go with the 8-incher. (Yeah, I know, "get both", but that's not gonna happen any time soon unless the rotary table fairy decides to leave a small gift for me under my pillow.) Decisions, decisions...

              OK, I do plan to eventually get a larger mill, so maybe the 8 will do it.
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                Originally posted by Doozer
                Buy the 6" RT and mount an 8" or 9" sub plate on top of it.
                Best of both worlds.

                I totally agree with what every one has said about clamping room, but I think a 8inch is a bit big for that mill especially vertical. A sub plate as mentioned above with a heap of tapped holes will give you more options for clamping because your not limited to just the T slots.

                I often say to people to cut piece of paper out to the size of the table your thinking of, and then try mounting your largest job on it with taking the clamps into account, you will soon see you run out of room quick.



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                  Just to let you know the free shipping only applies to ups ground. Enco ships these 8 in and larger rotary tables truck. I spent a long time on the phone with them about this and there is no way around it.


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                    8" is definitely too large IMHO for that lil mill. While I agree that in some ways you cannot have too large of a rotab, when it impedes your ability to move the table its too big. I use an 8" Phase II on my Bport btw, and think its just right for mine. 99% of my work fits on it, and the odd job can get a subplate. No need to wrestle more weight or lose table movement if its not necessary on a regular basis. Your mill is small, buy an appropriately sized rotab or you will be working against yourself.

                    The only reason I would consider a larger rotab for my mill, would be to have one with an X or XY table on top.
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                      Originally posted by Roger_H
                      Just to let you know the free shipping only applies to ups ground. Enco ships these 8 in and larger rotary tables truck. I spent a long time on the phone with them about this and there is no way around it.
                      Oh well, thanks for the info.

                      I don't suppose that freight charges will kill the deal (but who knows - I guess that I will find out when I order one.)


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                        I've got a G0463 mill. It's the same as the G0619 with the exception of the motor. I also have the Phase II 6" table. It's about all that will fit on the mill, so I have a fixture plate to make clamping more doable.


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                          Enco seems to be omitting the dividing plate set that has been offered
                          in the past as a separate package with the tail stock as well. I ordered
                          the combo pack last year when they had a 15 or 20% off coupon as
                          well. Shipment works out to 150-180# all banded together as one.
                          UPS doesn't seem to handle these small but heavy boxes as well as
                          motor freight, but ship cost will triple. Was $60-80 last year and a
                          drive out to the truck terminal about 15 miles away. The wood boxes look stout
                          but 85# RT will smash them handily on a 5' drop from one conveyor to
                          another at UPS.


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                            I ordered the Phase II 8" horizontal/vertical rotary table from Enco.

                            Model #PH200-1143

                            It is currently on sale for $289.95

                            There is an additional 20% off if you use coupon code SUPERR (valid through Feb 5), which brought the price down to $231.96

                            Shipping is by truck - it was $75.00 for me.

                            Which brought the total including shipping to $306.96

                            (I need to get to the gym for some strength training ahead of the delivery.)