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    Looking for information on the dimensions for an OEM Clausing 8520 mill stand along with opinions if size and height are good or leave something to be desired.
    I bought the mill, but it didn't have a stand. Can't find one for sale so figure will have to make one.
    I've also been reading about MT2 to ER32 collet adapter for use with the Clausing 8520. Anyone use these and like or dislike ???

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    I can post the dimensions when I get home, if someone doesn’t beat me to it. I think the size and height are about right; it’s a comfortable height for me (5’8”).

    Haven’t tried an ER collet on mine. I have an 8525, with the BS 7 taper and just use collets and some end mill holders.



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      Mine came with a non-OEM welded stand made of plate and angle iron. It was too low, so I turned it on its side and remounted it. The stand was a lot wider than it was tall.

      Be careful not to damage the knee elevating screw while the mill is off the stand. The screw sticks below the base when the knee is low in its travel.


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        Mine's still in the shipping crate in peices, haven't got my shop ready yet.
        I'm about 5'11 so sounds like OEM dimensions may work for me as well.
        Any ideas for improvements to the base would also be appriciated. Pictures/plans would be appriciated on any improvement ideas.
        thanks for the help,


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          Originally posted by Rooter
          Looking for information on the dimensions for an OEM Clausing 8520 mill stand
          Just checked it out. The height is 22-1/2” and the footprint is 19” x 19”.


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            Thanks for the dimensions.