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  • Sharp first milling machine

    Just wondering what you guys thought of these sharp frist milling machines..I believe this is an LMV model 3 hp motor. No power feeds on axis and no dro altho i am not sure what that is under the saddle? The price delivery with a vise, fly cutter, a few end mills, a clamp set and i am not sure but maybe an r-8 collet set is 2400...I am just a hobbyist but only want to buy a mill once.. This mill will be the mate to my 13 x 36 clausing chochester lathe. Thanks for any input and enjoy the pictures..

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    Sharp made good machines, but a price of $2400 would certainly make me hesitate. Since I do not know the machine tool market in your area I do not know if this is a reasonable price or not.

    I just googled "sharpe milling machine" and that exact model is still made. You may want to check with a dealer to find out the price of a new unit and cost compare them.
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      Looks like there is still some fun left in it! See if you can track down the fine quill feed handwheel. Is the ram square or round? Folks seem to prefer square. Comes with some tooling, that's a bonus. Considering the length of time you will own it and the enjoyment it will bring, the bucks don't sound too bad. I weigh these major purchase decisions against cars and computers (lots of bucks for little service) so it always seems money better spent!
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        Nice looking machine but here in Michigan the price would be 1/2 or less. But it may be a steal where you are. I passed on a nice tight BP for $600 last week. But it didn't have DRO or powerfeed. The state motto used to be "Winter Wonderland" when I was a kid .Now it should be "Manufacturing Wasteland" My biggest challange is beating the scrap man. People are moving out or just hanging on & industry only wants CNC or new tooling.Really sad.


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          If that mill is any kind of shape at all...IN Canada...that is a good buy. Of course...I'd dicker him a bit. Your chances of finding $600 BP's where you live is never going to happen.
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            Originally posted by Dr Stan
            Sharp made good machines.
            Sharp marketed good machines.

            I have a Long Chang First made in Taichung Taiwan and in features like the backlash adjustment it's superior to an original Bridgeport. I chose mine over a similarly priced BP because without the 'name' it was a much better deal.

            If the price is right in your local market, then I'd say it's a good machine. Check how much noise the variable speed drive makes which is a weakpoint in the original BP design. Mine is a belt head run off a VFD, which makes it very quiet.
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              I have that exact same mill. I bought it a few years ago out of PA and shipped it to TN for about $1k total. I had to put a couple bearings and a belt in the head when I got it, but it's been great. The ways are hard chromed and have very little wear, the motor shaft has an extra bearing for support.


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                If that's a delivered/set in place price it's probably a decent deal, ALOT of value in the delivery alone for most people. Definitely play with the variable speed, those things can be a real pain in the ass and expensive to repair, one of the biggest repair items on our NC verticals at work.


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                  Originally posted by EVguru
                  Sharp marketed good machines.
                  I stand corrected. Thanks for the accurate information.


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                    right in the ballpark re: $$$, there are a couple others up on Kijiji right now range sort of $2000 to $2500, Bridgeports' bump that maybe $500...somewhere around here (bbs) there was a thread a year or so ago about pluses and minuses of similar sized mills, kinda using the Bridgeport as the "original" to compare to...don't remember it all but do remember that Excello as not at the bottom and given they were made here, a shot at one is legit...not sure what is a deal regards price, like if you say go up a thousand what more does that get you etc. but sometimes to me that means you are now in the vertical/horizontal territory (e.g. there is a Kearney Trecker for $3200 in Ont, so does that $800 compared to the price you mention get "you" more...). Take a look at Kijiji for Quebec, there are a couple much newer and way more $$$.

                    That delivery is part of the deal counts, more for some than others, depending on an individuals situation, hassle factor can be a lot.

                    I still vote: Gorton


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                      HAHHA Russ.. I knew someone was gonna remeber the Gorton..It is still on the table and for pretty much the same priced delivered..I just cant get over the size..Chatting with a machinist friend of mine i asked him for his opinion on the horizantal Gorton.....He asked if i was going to be machining I beams on a regular basis..I just look at him funny and he says" there you go..get a BP or BP clone"..LOL

                      But here is another picture for the Gorton fans..Look at the size of that feed srew and motor..LOL

                      Normally the delivery part wouldnt hold much value to me as i usually have a one ton truck and trailers kicking around but untill 3 more months it is a Huge bonus factor for me..

                      I like the fact that they still make the sharp machine and that parts are still avaiable..Also the fact that it has an extra bearing the the head and more mass in the mennehite base(sp??) make it more appealing to than a worn BP..Also has a bigger 3 HP motor from what i have read..
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                        My opinion,, but i think you got a fair deal.

                        Machines in parts of canada are just plain scarce.

                        AND,,, Comparing apples to Oranges say,___Have you noticed HOW MUCH a "Round Column" Mill/Drill is selling for?? I,m seeing $1800.00 Bucks!!

                        The resale on your'e machine is tons better than trying to sell a round column mill/drill!!

                        Congratulations,, enjoy!!