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Best place to buy chuck jaws?

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  • Best place to buy chuck jaws?

    We recently got a used, but very nice Buck Chuck 6-jaw scroll chuck.
    Not sure of the age, but is measures 9" across the face.

    Great shape, not used much. Only problem is that it did not have any jaws on it. The mounting screws are there, but no jaws.

    Are there many places that sell chuck jaws? Just poking around a bit scares me on prices....

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    Master jaws are sometime more expensive then new chuck, and they are proprietary.


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      Call the factory

      Buying a chuck without jaws is like buying a car without an engine.
      Ain't cheap to fix


      Make your own, and you will see why the cost is so high


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        We have the master jaws, but no top jaws that bolt to it.


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          Here she is, not bad for a freebie.
          I tore it apart for a thorough cleaning and relube.
          Looked like it had been sitting 95% of its life with very little evidence of use:


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            After a call to Buck Chuck, they tell me this unit was last made in the 70's.

            But current model chuck jaw will fit though- $689 for the set. Ouch.
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              I figured they would be pricey. Not too hard to make the removable jaws and well worth the trouble.

              I’ve been in the plant a few times (interviewed there and know a few employees) and, while the smaller chucks are imported, they still make a lot of chucks and jaws in-house. The jaws I saw being made were roughed out and welded to a ring. They were then further roughed prior to heat treat. Once hard, they are finished ground while still on the ring to ensure concentricity. The last op is to remove the ring and clean up the welded area. It looked pretty labor intensive.



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                At a customers on Tuesday and helped the lathe operator learn what an ajust tru chuck is, after he said that he'd have to remachine the chuck jaws so they would run true I asked how come they don't have soft jaws, he didn't know what they were looked in the MSC catalog and they had pages of jaws, soft and hard the jaws they need were $30.00 each. So you need to know the tongue width, key width, bolt center spacing and pick what you need, your 6 jaws shouldn't be more than $300.00.


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                  Try Joe @ Plaza Machine
                  Byron Boucher
                  Burnet, TX


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                    Don't know if this will help...


                    I found it useful as it gives three ways to search...don't know about 6 jaw listings though...


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                      Simplest solution is to make your own soft jaws. The jaws that are available for three jaw chucks will not have the proper profile for a six jaw and will require modification to work.
                      Jim H.


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                        Originally posted by JCHannum
                        Simplest solution is to make your own soft jaws. The jaws that are available for three jaw chucks will not have the proper profile for a six jaw and will require modification to work.
                        plus one for that

                        make your own ...and turn the steps in them while they are in the chuck ..will be very accurate to boot as well.

                        you can make loads of custom ones ..what you have there is the bacis for all sorts of jaw configurations .

                        all the best.markj


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                          I have seen several soft jaws made for modifying that may work on my chuck.

                          They have the bolt hole pattern and the correct trough and cross rib that match my chuck.
                          On the topside they are just a full chunk with no steps cut in them.
                          For $30 per 3, that would save a lot of time.....


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                            Originally posted by Boucher
                            Try Joe @ Plaza Machine
                            I did try that, and unfortunately nothing at the moment.


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                              Once you get each process set up,making a bunch of jaws isn't so bad,considering the price they want. It's when they are ! PIECE jaws it is a PITA. I have an 8" 6 jaw missing one set of jaws(it has the usual set). I have a 4" Buck I bought at auction missing the inside jaws. Cost me $250.00 to get them. Could have bought a new chuck in the end.