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  • XP fonts ?

    I put a computer that had been idle for over a year back into use. It wouldn't display pictures correctly. To fix it MS advised updating the graphics drivers. Doing that update messed up all the fonts, made them so skinny they hurt my eyes.

    I can use control + to enlarge the font, but they stay skinny up to a point, and then go to almost bold in one stroke. Anyone know a cure? Thanks.

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    XP allows you to roll back your driver update. If you're sure that's the problem, that is.
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      Check your resolution. For a standard 17" monitor it should be 1024 x 768 or 1280 x 800 if you have a wide screen monitor. (or something close to those numbers) If everything is tall and skinny, it sounds like maybe you have somehow set the resolution to 768 x 1024. (this can happen when the monitor is not detected properly and the options are not limited to what will display correctly.)

      You can change the resolution by right clicking on the desktop and selecting properties, or from the Control Panel select Appearance and Themes, then Change Screen Resolution.

      If that does not work, reboot into safe mode and uninstall your display drivers. Reboot again and re-install the driver. (probably have to reboot one more time)

      If everything goes well, things should be back to normal.


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        Thank you both. Setting it at 1024 x 768 did it.