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Punch and Die Grinder - Accuracy Required?

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  • Punch and Die Grinder - Accuracy Required?

    During a browse through some ebay equipment, I noticed a few P&D Grinders. Gosh, how hard could it be to make one of these? One was nothing more than a lathe headstock mounted to dovetails and a grinder, set perpendicular, mounted the same way.

    I've been using a lathe w/TP Grinder to touch up my punch and dies but hate the clean up. A separate machine would be nice but can't see the buck$ they fetch. (And no, I don't have a surface grinder.)

    Anyone here make one? ... That works

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    No,but couldn't be hard thou,all it must do is chuck and rotate the punch accurately while a grinding wheel strokes back and forth on the required taper,I would start with an old lathe headstock,don;t need anything but back gear and one speed,make the rest up from linear rails(ebay)and a good quality bench grinder.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      Well, that depends if you are using it in a hand punch or a 2,000 stroke /min cnc turret punch, now don't it? Apples and Oranges.


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        The punch and die grinders are going for decent prices on ebay. Dealers are getting more for them. I have seen them sell for even more at auctions.

        I've been keeping an eye out for one. I would prefer the Amada. It is a nicer unit than the Strippit.
        There is a nice British made unit on ebay now that has a round mag chuck and a second Q/C chuck for doing shear angle.

        I just finally got a small Blanchard grinder for doing my tooling. What took me 2 hours on the surface grinder yesterday would have taken less than 15 minutes on the Blanchard.
        Should have the machine up and running next week. I can't wait.



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          You're right Thrud; I should have been a bit more specific. This is for a small shop--sheet metal (CR,AL,SS) and A36 on a 4-ton hand and a 50-ton hydraulic. Occationally some A53. I probably wouldn't punch 2,000 holes in a month or two, let alone in a minute.

          That's why I can't see the bucks in the machines. Like the other post- As soon as someone says it can't be done, someone will do it. That's how I like to build my cars too.


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            Heck, you can do those by hand - almost. If you can score an Amada cheap you is laughing - those are damn good grinders designed for their turret punch press to sharpen custom shaped punch & dies. They are worth the money new, never mind used.