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First multi part lathe project.

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  • First multi part lathe project.

    Having wanted a metal lathe for many years and finally buying one, I am getting better at finding excuses to employ it for projects.

    I've made a few simple turnings, an adapter hub for my motorcycle wheel balancer, an underwater lens adapter ring for my GoPro cmaera, and a few other simple items.

    This one is my first project that required making multiple fitted parts. It's a mount base for my New Garmin Montana GPS. One of the features of the unit is that the display will switch between landscape and Portrait views. I wanted to be able to exploit that feature easily when the GPS is mounted in on my motorcycle. The unit uses RAM mounts to attach the powered cradle to the bike, the normal method to change the view is to loosen the mount and turn the whole thing. I decided to simplify the process and made this rotating base plate.

    It allows the unit to be quickly rotated 1/4 turn and uses detent at each limit to hold it. I've since shortened the mounting screws so they don't protrude through the back of the plate.

    YouTube clip

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    Nice work! Now you have to make something elegant to replace the clunky RAM mount

    I have a bent 4mm aluminium plate on top of the clutch reservoir (longer screws) on my ZZR11, and the Garmin Quest mounting clip bolted onto the slanted part of that, plus on the other side a similar bracket with a "battery eliminator" for my 440MHz handheld radio - next comes the mount for the GPS based speed camera warning system!

    Dave H. (the other one)
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      Very cool!
      I can't have one like that, I'd get distracted while riding.

      My Dad always said, "If you want people to do things for you on the farm, you have to buy a machine they can sit on that does most of the work."


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        Nah, you need one of those fancy helmets with the HUD display, like in the movie "Timerider."


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          I would like to make something nicer to clamp to the bars than the U-bolt setup. I don't mind the arm so much, but plan to lose the wing nut and replace it with a nylock nut for better security.

          However, this bike isn't really for looks anyway. Usually wears a pretty good coating of dust and or mud.

          Although I do occasionally have to run it through a car wash.