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Swarf control on a mill.

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  • Swarf control on a mill.

    My new to me Trak DPM CNC bed mill makes a huge mess and I am wanting to do something about it. I thought about building some kind of encloser but it would be huge and the space around the mill would be used up making it a pain.

    My CNC router has great swarf collection but does not use coolant. I was thinking of trying to make some sort of collection system like my router uses maybe with a wet & dry shop vac. Has anyone tried this?

    Can you show me some of your solutions to chip control? I am setup for mist & flood coolant on the machine but it makes a huge mess for about 8' around the machine.


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    Here's what I did...

    Who do I think you are...?


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      Make a back splash out of plexiglass, thats what I did and it works great.



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        I need to control the coolant as well as the chips so it goes into the sump. I will attach a picture.

        Here is a picture of the mill the flood coolant sump is in the base.

        Here is a picture of my router table sorry the dust collection skirt is hard to see but you can see it is at the spindle so it extracts the chips right off the cutter. I can not do that with my dust collector for the mill because of the coolant. I am wondering if a wet & dry shop vac might work with this approach to extract the chips near the cutter rather than just containing the chips on the table. I was thinking of designing a vacuum canister from a 1/4 drum with a large sump in the bottom and a pump to return the coolant back to the machine sump. There would be a area for the chips to collect on a screen above the bottom of the tank of the shop vacuum made on the 1/4 drum. I am not sure if I explained this very well.

        The picture of the mill is mine but it is from the machine dealer that is not my shop I don't own the other machine in the background. The router table picture is an old one here is a newer one I am using a different dust collection system now.

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          "Swarf control" is an oxymoron.