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curious: how many grinders do you have?

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  • curious: how many grinders do you have?

    I'm now up to 3 (pedestal) grinders -- thats 6 spinny wheels! -- and a belt
    grinder and I feel like I need more. how many "abrading" devices do you
    guys keep plugged in and ready to go?

    it seems crazier to change wheels than it does to add yet another grinder.

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    I count five, and would happily make it six, but the lack of real estate says otherwise.


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      Like single grinders or breeding pairs ?

      Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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        Ummmm The belt drive bench grinder I made when I was a kid, a cheapo Enco grinder/buffer with a wire wheel, two cheapo Enco Baldor face wheel clones one with diamonds one with tw o AlO2 wheels for lathe tools finishing. I got a home made diamond lap. I got a 7" Milwaukee bayflex (a man killer) and a half dozen 4" or 5" angle grinders, each with a purpose.

        Outside of that I don't have no steenkin' grinders..


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          Had 3 bench grinders, now down to two thanks to Craigs. One of mine has a buffer and wire wheel, the other has two grinding stones on it.

          Youre right, bench grinders are hard to pass up, especially when you can buy good ones for ~$10.
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            15 but might have missed a couple although only 16 are in regular use.

            Sir John , Earl of Bligeport & Sudspumpwater. MBE [ Motor Bike Engineer ] Nottingham England.


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              I have a hand-held belt sander that I turn upside down and grind stuff on.

              Also one that holds sandpaper and various stones, infinite axes of rotation, and runs on elbow grease.


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                One 6" el cheapo bench grinder/boat anchor, a 1x42" belt sander and a 1725 rpm 3/4hp Baldor buffer.

                David Kaiser
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                ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                  LETS see

                  a lot

                  all the best.mark.


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                    6 bench, 2 belt, 4 angle, 2 die. 1 flex shaft, and 3 small hand helds. Of these 9 are permanently plugged in.
                    That was fun, Mike


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                      Hadn't counted them before but there are 9 "abraders" here:
                      an ancient Baldor bench grinder, Grind-R-Lap, Brooks T&C grinder(shop built), 4 facet drill sharpener(shop built), surface grinder, 1" belt sander, 4" belt sander, Baldor buffer/grinder, and an angle grinder.
                      Plus a Dremel and a flex shaft type. And a grinder in the garage for lawnmowers and axes.
                      They do seem to multiply.


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                        There was just a thread on GarageJournal about this...

                        Let's see... There's the two cheapy Ryobi 6" bench grinders, one of which is used only for TIG tungstens. The Lisle drill grinder, the 8" Baldor (the shop's primary go-to general grinder) a 6" Wissota with a deburr wheel on one side, an old plastic-cased Craftsman that's used only for wire brushing, a Belsaw "Sharp-All", which is essentially a clone of a 50s or 60s squarish Craftsman 6" grinder (I don't use it as the sharpener, it was going to be a tool grinder for a while there) the big 12" pedestal grinder, two surface grinders, three valve grinders, a Rockwell and a Baldor tool grinders and a cheapo Grizzly planer blade grinder.

                        That's just the rocks. There's also the ubiquitous 4" belt/6" disc sander and the as-yet-incomplete 2x72" belt grinder.

                        For handheld stuff, there's three Milwaukee angle grinders (the big ones) a 4" DeWalt angle grinder, three pistolgrip air sanders, several (I've lost count) air die grinders, two air cutoff wheels and at least Two Dremels.

                        There's also the Keller die filer, two toolpost grinders, two 14" abrasive chopsaws and a 4" belt sander.

                        I may have forgotten one or two.

                        Quick edit: I did, the 3/4HP 8" Baldor buffer. It's a grinder, it just uses finer grits.

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                          I count Six

                          Two bench grinders, an 8" and a 6"
                          One Belt/Disc, 2"X42"
                          One handheld electric, 7"
                          One die grinder - pneumatic
                          One Dremel tool w/ grinding bits


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                            Forgot to add the Dremel and the Foredom hand grinders.

                            David Kaiser
                            “You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.”
                            ― Robert A. Heinlein


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                              Lets see, might have to take my shoes off for this.
                              Two bench, a 6" and an 8", three angle grinders, two 5's an a 7".
                              A belt grinder/grinding disk combo. Two Dremels plus a high speed air, Dremel like grinder. Oh and three air die grinders, plus an assortment of grinding wheels for electric drills.

                              Gee maybe with more planning I wouldn't need to grind away so much material if I got it right the first time.

                              Seriously though they all have their place and most get used on a regular basis.
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