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Calling Shiraz,President of Grizzly

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  • Calling Shiraz,President of Grizzly

    I wish you would please post the specifications of your lathe chucks,drill chucks,and ball bearing tailstock centers.

    I have bought many machines and other items from you over the years. But,I would not want to buy a lathe chuck,or the other items,when I do not have an idea of their accuracy.

    Even in the expensive South Bend chucks,your catalog gives no details like this. Only one tailstock center lists its accuracy as .0005" out of all of them.

    Is there some reason why these specs. are not listed?

    My current larger lathe at home is a 16" x 40" lathe I bought a pair of in 1986. One for work and one for home use. I carefully ground all of the surfaces and the inside taper of these 2 lathes myself. There was seen some small lack of concentricity in the inside spindle taper. I don't recall by now what it was. Not a lot,but I like things as perfect as possible.

    It would be very useful if you gave specs on the accuracy of your lathes' spindles,though. I do not recommend everyone to try regrinding theirs,but I am an experienced machinist.

    In most catalogs where chucks are sold,there is furnished specs on their accuracy.
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    In Canada, "Busy Bee tools" is horrendous for giving little information on their products.


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      Grizzly also has a boring head that I was looking at, but it didn't even list the body diameter.


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        They are not published because their ISO 9,000,000 factories change the specs. container by container.
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          I wouldn't upset him, if I were you.


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            It's not just an issue of chucks, George - its an issue across the entire product line. And it leads to a rather important question:

            is Grizzly really a "Purveyor of Fine Machinery", or just another big-box store, distributing such products as the manufacturers send their way?

            Do note that I have Grizzly equipment myself, and am generally satisfied with such - but I would really like to see published specifications that the manufacturers are held to.

            That would indicate a certain level of maturity in the entire supply chain.


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              Changing manufacturer's products may be true,but at least the South Bend products should have a stable factory origination. They aren't real inexpensive chucks,and should be listed with the specs.

              I must have bought at least 7 machines or more from Grizzly,both for work and home use. The last thing I bought for work was an 8" jointer. It had extremely accurate table parallelism and flatness,and there was an easy way to shim either side of the cutterhead,if ever needed. This jointer was the cheapest 8" they sold. It replaced a 1950's or 60's Delta,whose tables had gotten worn enough to be problematic.


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                I believe that Grizzly now owns the rights to sell equipment under the South Bend name. It is the same Chinese stuff, just a slightly higher QC.

                I had the 16 pc South Bend quick change collet set that appears identical to the Grizzly model. The SB case is slightly more robust.



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                  Yes, one thing they could do is state the cfm consumption specs for each of their air tools. This is something you need to know before you buy...


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                    What? A fuzzy picture of a similar item isn't good enough?

                    Originally Posted by Machtool
                    I wouldn't upset him, if I were you.

                    Don't worry about civilian target shooters like Balolia. Lookit all the crap his has in his playpen. By the time he unloads and sets up all the stuff it takes him to shoot Bambi could run a thousand yards and whop him in the face with a custard pie.

                    If I had my druthers a competition shooter couldn't bring anything but his weapon, ammo, two sandbags, and a spotting scope on the line.

                    My dad was a fine shot and he didn't fool around either. First time I went hunting with him he stopped in mid-stride swiveled to a tree for a shooting rest and dropped a spike deer on a ridge about 200 yards away with a neck shot all in about 5 seconds. He "let" me carry the little bugger back to camp - "You fetch him. I'll wait here" as he dug out his thermos of coffee. I wasn't a beloved son to whom he was passing the secrets of the hunt. I was a pack mule.
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                      Agreed, Im most disappointed by the tiny pictures and lackluster discription of MOST tools in tool catalogs.

                      That would get me actualy intrested in buying. 5 lines of specs and a price (if your lucky!) is not enough. I want every spec you can think of measuring, the weight, And if you can be bothered, Ask someone who has actualy used the tool for a paragraph about it. Even better yet, Still use the paragraph even if its not 100% posative. Yes, Some of your toolds won't sell as well with 'negative' reviews, However OTHER tools with posative reviews WILL sell more because people realise your allowing negative reviews, And hence something with a posative review actualy is good.
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                        If your supplier doesn't give the specification then it can't be out of specification now can it. It loads the dice against you for when you decide to complain.

                        For bottom end Chinese chucks the manufacturers' only QC acceptance criteria is: "does it look like a chuck".

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                          I hear where you are comming from.
                          Most of us on this forum have the engineering mindset, and many may be engineers. To engineers, specs are everything. The other day I was looking for a vendor to supply some steel tubing. For the project I needed to specify the tubing in terms of:
                          Size, ID and OD
                          Tolerance of the ID and OD sizes
                          Tolerance of length
                          Spec on concentricity of ID and OD
                          Spec on straightness
                          Spec on surface finish roughness average and max
                          Spec on alloy
                          Spec on hardness
                          Spec on roundness
                          Spec on surface treatment (hard chrome in this case)
                          Spec on chrome thickness
                          ...and a few other specs I am forgetting.
                          With machine tools, size, tolerance and specs are everything.
                          If a product lists No specs or ambigious specs, I conclude they don't want to be held accountable if the product does not meet the specs.
                          Not publishing specs is a CYA move, and to me it means the purchase is a crap shoot if you will be happy with said product.
                          Perhaps if Grizz publishes more specs on their products, then yes, there will be more returns, buy maybe, just maybe, buyers will see exactly what they are buying before hand and know what to expect when the item arrives. Sales might actually increase from the products being accurately portrayed, which means a lot to many people. Just my 2cents.



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                            Originally posted by Machtool
                            I wouldn't upset him, if I were you.
                            Why not? Mine's bigger! Just a lil project yours truly got to work on, with me at the trig....errrr....pushbutton.

                            I entirely sympathize with those buying new that are lacking specs. Its like pissing outside during a storm, youre going to get soaked eventually one way or another.
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                              Originally posted by justanengineer
                              Why not? Mine's bigger! Just a lil project yours truly got to work on, with me at the trig....errrr....pushbutton.

                              So which is better the M134 or sex?
                              I just need one more tool,just one!