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Chain For Lifting A 14C

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  • Chain For Lifting A 14C

    I'll be using a forklift to put a 14C on a car hauling trailer and need to know why chain and hooks sold as "load binding" are labeled are labeled not for overhead lifting.

    Since the lathe is @ 4000-5000LB and there will be 2 chains, I'd like to use either 3/8" grade 70 (6600LB), or 1/2" grade 70 (11300LB).

    Straps are also an option, but I do much more load binding than lifting and want to spend the money on something I can use later.

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    Different countries have different rules but similar principles,
    I am in UK

    Lifting gear has a 5:1 safety ratio and is tested 2:1

    If you are lifting people there is another ratio.

    load binders have a 1:1 ratio.

    So a loadbinder chain or strap is rated 1 ton then you would expect it to break at 1 ton.

    A lifting sling is rated 1 ton then you would expect it to break ar 5 ton, it has been proof loaded or tested to 2 ton.

    ...I am sure my figures are superceeded or just plain wrong but you get the idea.
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      Well, only grade 80 chain is supposed to be used for lifts. See Davidhcnc's post for the reason why. I personally don't mind having some grade 80 chain around, and I feel so wonderfully smug when an occasion warrants its use!


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        Lifting chain also is not required to have the same high visibility coating that binding chains are in many regions.
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          Thanks, that's what I was looking for.

          Just for fun see if I understand the rating charts using grade 1/2" grade 70 & a 5000lb lathe.

          1. Rating & assumed breaking weight=11300LB for a single strand
          2. Rating & assumed breaking weight=22600LB for basket rigging
          3. 2 baskets used, each lifting 2500LBx1.154(60 degree leg angle)=2885LB
          4. Safety Factor=22600/2885=7.8:1

          Also noticed grade 80 chain & hooks are heat treated alloy.

          Based on the cost of the right chain & hooks, nylon slings may be the way to go.


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            Mind you protect the slings to stop them cutting.


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              I'll contact the supplier for recommendations about that.


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                I will use straps but prefer cable or chain. I have 4 cables with hooks that all meet on a ring in 3/8-1/2 & 1"" cable,also the same set up with chains. Very handy.