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What size chuck for a rotary table?

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  • What size chuck for a rotary table?

    Hi, I am wondering what size 4 jaw chuck I should buy for my 8" rotary table if I intend to operate it in the vertical mode. Im thinking 6" because otherwise I can't open the jaws very much before hiting the table.

    I have 2 spare 3 jaw chucks.. but being a 4 slot rotary table, Its a real pain to mount them as the 6" is drilled for 3 holes front mount and only has 'reversed' jaws, And the 8" is rear mount meaning I need some really weird and bulky adaptor, or to drill it.. and its a bison 2 part jaw chuck so I don't really wanna drill holes in it, Might mount it on my lathe someday...

    The other option is make (or buy?) a D1-4 camlock unit so I can take the 4jaw chuck off my lathe and latch it into the rotary table. but Im not sure I wanna buy a chunk of metal big enough to make one.
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