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  • steel ruler

    I am looking for a steel rule preferably 1/2" or 3/4" wide "x" 12" and 1/8" thick.

    The numbers must read from right to left and not upsidedown.
    Must also be stamped increments and number, not painted.

    Any idea where to find?
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    You might find that on your milling machine table- after you've got done making it.

    Sounds like a bit of a tall order. It's not hard to stamp numbers into a soft enough material though, so what I would suggest, if you were to make it yourself, is to mark out the positions for the numbers, stamp them, then correct any bending that the stamping may have caused. Then line it up on the mill and scribe the markings using a v tool held in the stationary spindle. If your leadscrew is accurate, the markings will come out properly spaced and will line up closely to the numbers you punched previously.

    If you stamp several numbers into a fairly long but thin and narrow piece, the piece is likely to grow in length by some amount. Getting this over with first lets you scratch the markings in place at the proper spacing.
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      There was talk of a place that petty well made whatever you want, I think John Stevenson bought some from them. They had rulers that where left right etc.



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        Don't be so vague, tell us what you really want!,LOL,


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          You want engraved, I think, not stamped. Starrett may make the best steel rulers, in a wide variety of marking patterns. I don't know if they have one to match your requirements, though they may come close. I think they would be willing to make one to your specs if you want. Apt to be pricey though....

          A while ago Evan had a thread here that described how he used CAD software and a laser printer to draw and print custom graduated scales on adhesive-backed plastic film. If something like that, put onto a 1/8 x 3/4 x 12 piece of ground stock, would be good enough it would be a cheap solution.
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