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    Though some of you might like this:

    The ones I hadn't seen were the "spherical turning using template" and the double cutter for shapers.

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    Interesting. The helical cuts on planing machines technique could be adapted to the helical oil grooves in bushings in another thread. Use the lathe carriage as a shaper and arrange for the synchronized rotation of the chuck. It would be limited to a fractional turn for the length of the cut but might be a useful trick to remember for the odd problem.
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      Nice to see "old school" techonology for making various things, gets one motivated even in a higly complex stuff afterwards. "If they could do it, I can too"

      Though what caught my eye on page 11 was this "nut cum pinion", "rack" and "correcting bar", which lead me double check that I'm not reading some BDSM pamphlet
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        Some interesting reading there, thanks for posting this.


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          Nice read. Followed it back to the root: --lots of very interesting free stuff there. A trifle difficult to navigate but once you figure it out it's not bad. I also just downloaded for later reading the whole series of 40 Learning Modules in the set Forestgnome linked to. Here's that link: That entire NPTEL site is really interesting, although it's obviously still very much 'under construction' --lots of 404 internal links. Well worth a few minutes browsing (or more...).

          Thanks for the pointer Forestgnome!