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    A thousand heads are better than one so here is my question to you folks. I am toying with the idea of buying a verticle bandsaw.Does anyone have any feedback on the Wilton 8201? I am trying to stay under a grand.


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    If its the one I'm thinking of its a typical Taiwan made 14" bandsaw with the nessicary speed changes to accomodate metal cutting as well as wood.Even though its made offshore it is a better than average unit,but don't expect it to behave like a full sized machine when cutting steel.

    The shop down the road has one and it does excell at cutting aluminum,runns real smooth and is well balanced.
    I just need one more tool,just one!


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      I have a Wilton horizontal band saw, and I certainly wouldn't recomend one to anyone else. This particular saw, while better built than most imports, is still cheezy. The top wheel runs on bronze bushings with 2 bronze thrust washers to center the wheel. Hardly what I would expect from a nearly $4,000 saw. This one also has trouble keeping the blade on the bottom wheel, and gues what? There is nothing to adjust! A grand will buy you a used DoAll on eBay most dats of the week. If you watch, many with blade welders go for under $750. Everything on a DoAll is rebuildable and my War Board DoAll ML "Contour Machine" is still in great shape needing only top wheel bearings which cost me $7.00 each. It also will run band files and has the band polishing stuff with it.


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        Wilton and JET are the same tools, different colors. All the caveats that apply to Asian tools are in effect here.
        I had a Wilton horizontal band saw at the last shop I ran. It was a waste of money. One of the worst features was the vise.
        My take on Wilton power tools is low quality at a high price.
        Jim H.


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          The older Delta vertical 14" bandsaws seem to be well thought of and at least some parts still seem to be available. They made both woodworking only and wood/metalworking versions - the latter seem to bring around $400-600 if in good shape.

          Mike Henry near Chicago


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            I got the Wilton 14" metal/wood vertical bandsaw. What a POS!!!!!! Save your money and get a decent saw. This machine never cut straight. Finally Wilton agreed to take it back and refund my money, but this took about 9mo.

            A number of postings have indicated that the cheap 4"x6" hoizontal saws are good for just cutting stock to length. So, if that is your intent you might want to look at these. They're a lot cheaper to, at $200.


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              The other day I picked up a book at my local library on the Band Saw subject. It's called "The Band Saw Handbook" by Mark Duginske (319pg) It is a well researched book covering the full range of products, blades and processes. It might help you decide what you might want to look for in a tool. There is more there to know than I originally thought.

              I remember a problem I had on my saw that someone on this board helped me with. I kept having problems backing out of a kerf and often the blade would derail because it would be pulled out of it's guide. The solution was to simply dull the edge of the back edge of the blade! Worked perfectly. I can't remember which one of the "Old Timers" told me, that but it sure saved me a lot of grief.

              Thanks all,



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                Have you considered making one?



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                  I hanen't given much thought to building one as I had never seen any plans for doing so up to this point. I've bookmarked the page you sent me and will give it a hard look tomorrow. Thanks to everyone for their opinions. I'll stop looking at the Wiltons


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                    Fred, is that your bandsaw project? Quite impressive... the work, as well as the web descriptions (photos, discussion, etc.).
                    Thanks for sharing that.
                    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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                      I was able to buy a Doall 16" two speed varible speed verticle bandsaw from a local
                      state agency that was getting rid of excess
                      equipment for $352.00. I bid all that I could afford (plus $2.). Many of my friends complained that the wanted the saw but didn't
                      bid enough. I felt that if I didn't get the saw at least I wouldnt feel bad.
                      A note on stoning the back of your bandsaw blades. In addition to allowing you to remove a workpiece easier it will also keep the blade from cracking and thus legnthen the blades working life. use a fine grit stone and lightly radius the back edge.