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    I bought some items at the Home Depot that are being cleared out at great prices that are at the "why not" range.

    They have a combo needle file scredriver that stores all the elements in the handle $1.97 (was about $8.00) I'm sure they're not the greatest but for an application where you might need to sacrifice a tool it's a buy.

    They also have First aid "pocket packs" for $0.93 (reg. about $4.00) I bought a bunch so I can put them at various locations in my shop. Also the plastic package is worth it on it's own, handy for small items that need protection.

    I bought a small combo kit of Workforce brand pliers, snips, nippers and miniature screwdrivers for $5.00. SkU 561 835. I have many Workforce tools that I've had for a while and I've been surprised with the quality of the products.

    These items may not be at all stores or at the same prices but if you're in the store you can have a look.

    Last but not least: I was in to the Production Tool Supply here to pick up some accessories and saw a miniature ratchet set on made by Sunex (Part number 9726). Frankly I bought it pirmarily as eye candy it's so nicely made and packaged that I bought it just for that. It does however have a nice set of drive bits (which makes it a good offset screwdriver) and by using a Hex to 1/4" drive socket adapter it would be handy for small spots and model making assembly. It would be a nice little christmas gift for a mechanically inclined friend it's $18.00. I hope they have a picture on their web site. To my eyes it's a gem.
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    Also on clearence: Channellock pliers, Crescent wrenches and an off-brand (but USA made) copy of the Crapsman Robo-s*it pliers.


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      Not a clearance item but they've started carrying a 4 bulb, T5 fluorescent
      fixture (54 watts per tube) that is extremely bright, even light.

      Started replacing my motley collection of mismatched illumination devices and I
      couldn't be more pleased.


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        Wow T5? those things are awsome.. Just... Costly! How much is the 4 bulb fixture?
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          $70 US plus the bulbs.

          Wife's tanning under them on the bench as we speak!