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Chandler Duplex boring head

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  • Chandler Duplex boring head

    Here I am again ,but I need a R8 or a straight shank to fit into a collet for my mill. I took it out of the head and it has 1/2 -20 NF thread on the mounting end. It has a moore taper or something. Not morse,MT on other end. I know I could cut it with Carbaloy tooling, which I still might do. It is hardened,but it can be cut with a file. I would cut it down to about 3/4" and cut end off to fit into my collets for my mill. It's a sweet heart of a boring head Model J and I'll make it work one way or the other. Some one said possibley MSC ,but I couldn't locate one with 1/2-20 NF on it. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks again Boot

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    I bought a Chandler Duplex boring and facing head at a show a few years ago. It had a #4 morse taper shank threaded into it. I removed the taper shank and made my own 3/4" straight shank arbor. It works great.

    As I bought it.

    New arbor installed.

    Close up of head.
    Jonathan P.


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      Do'in the same

      I want to pick up a piece of 4140 and do the same. I don't think I have much of a choice,except machining the shank I now have down to 3/4". Thanks for the vote of cofidence. Have a good one, Boot


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        4140 is overkill if you are buying the material. If you already have it, use it. I've got a Chandler a little bigger than the one pictured and it is a nice tool.


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          I have the same model and it too, came with a Moore Taper. Didn't think I could "re-arrange" the shank as it seemed to be really hard so I did the same as Japcas. Made a 5/8" straight shank from 1144 and a 2MT from a blank arbor. Put two flats on each one for ease of removal.

          Now I can use it in an R8 collet in the mill and on my small lathe.



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            Hey, guys, I just bought a duplex head, but it is missing the "guts". I want to try to make the parts, and I have tracked down the patent drawings, but it would be helpful if I had an actual unit to make some measurements.

            Any chance one of you with a J head would let me borrow it for a few days to measure and document the parts?

            Of course, I'd pay for postage and insurance both ways.