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Gas cylinder recall

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  • Gas cylinder recall
    Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada

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    Damn-it I bet thats what blew my hanger up & I thought it the tornado.
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      I haven't been able to buy a tank of Mapp gas for over a month now.... Frustrating as propane doesn't seem to have the heat that Mapp does.


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        The wife showed me a picture and asked if I had that product. I said no, since I don't have any Worthington branded gas canisters.

        Then I looked at this link and realized that almost all the brands use their cylinders.

        Darn. Now I have to go to Lowes to return it, and that means I WILL buy more toys.

        Oh Well!

        At the end of the project, there is a profound difference between spare parts and extra parts.


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          This is why I only use acetylene, Its safer!

          Or at least, the tanks sure get tested a lot better..
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            Hunh ... I have a leaky MAPP cylinder. Everytime I disconnect the torch head, I had to use a pin punch to open and close the valve a few times to get it to seat and stop leaking. A little bit worrisome...


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              Originally posted by danlb

              Then I looked at this link and realized that almost all the brands use their cylinders.
              With a recall of potentially over 30 million cylinders, it looks like Worthington is probably history......

              Whose cylinders will everyone use NOW?

              Keep eye on ball.
              Hashim Khan


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                In 1970,I was using a propane torch,a manual one that had to be lit every time. I turned it off,went to lunch,and came back to find the building SHIMMERING with waves of gas!! I know I did screw down the valve sufficiently. For years afterward,I'd take the head OFF the tank. Looks like this current situation,that would be exactly NOT the thing to do.

                I smoked at that time,but smelled gas when I came in the lower floor back door. Lucky I wasn't smoking or lighting up when I came in. The rooms upstairs were just floating in gas.


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                  I used two full cylinders in the past two weeks. I had to a get another but none around - had to buy some stupid little thing from Home Depot. Propane just doesn't cut it for me on 3/4 or 1 inch copper fittings and my Acetylene is too tall to drag in a crawl space.

                  But I'm glas I have the "empties" :

                  Partially-used cylinder NOT connected to a torch or other device now: Take cylinder outdoors. Leak test top of the cylinder with soapy water. If bubbles develop, attach the torch. Ignite the torch and burn off entire contents* of the cylinder. Remove the torch from empty cylinder and dispose of empty cylinder per cylinder label instructions or return it to the store where it was purchased for exchange for a full refund. If no bubbles develop, do not use cylinder. Return it to the store where it was purchased for exchange for a full refund.
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                    I have had many tanks leak when the head was pulled off so I just leave them on all the time now. My torch that I have been using for the last 10 years has been acting a little funny but never leaks out.


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                      Come to think of it, I used my propane torch about 5 times. Go to use it again.. Empty! Whole bottle vented into my basement, Never smelled the gas so it must of been one slow leak. Havent gotten a new bottle since...
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                        I just wondered onto this thread ..and im suprised that it applies to me in the uk .

                        i have two worthington map gas cylinders made in usa ..bought november-ish

                        as usual i thought the gas cylinder talk was just the usa didnt come in ..

                        anyway after research, i find this is a world wide recall.

                        cant see any brit giving them back unless they are refunded the money or swapped the cylinder .

                        its not just worthington either

                        they also recalling

                        This includes the yellow Rothenberger Map/Pro gas cylinder 400g (part no.

                        3.5536), the Super Fire brazing torch set (part no. 3.5669), the Quickfire torch

                        set (part no. 3.5667) and Hotbag torch sets with Map/Pro cylinders. The 454g

                        yellow MAPP cylinders are also affected, as are the black Propylene cylinders

                        edit ...the sets probably include free cylinder ..maybe

                        and brands of cylinders


                        Jones Stephens Corp
                        MAGNA® Mastercraft® and TURNER®
                        Master Mechanic®
                        NAPA BERNZOMATIC®
                        WORTHINGTON MAPP® GAS
                        WORTHINGTON MAP/Pro™
                        WORTHINGTON PROPYLENE

                        ive also got an identicle in every way cylinder ..made by "todays tools" ...cant see that listed anywhere

                        all the best.markj
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                          Sure something to be aware of ... but I don't think I'd be all paranoid about it. The effected cylinders are from the last 7 and a half years (I'm guessing we've all used a few in that time).
                          Sold at: Various plumbing/HVAC distributors, Home Depot, Lowes and Ace Hardware Stores nationwide and in Canada from October 2004 through January 2012 ...
                          And look at the numbers of reported incidences:
                          Hazard: The seal on the cylinders can leak after torches or other fuel consuming equipment are disconnected from them, posing a fire hazard.

                          Incidents/Injuries: None reported


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                            Curiously enough I bumped into it a couple weeks ago at Lowes. No MAPP cylinders to be had, but there was a torch set with cylinder and I thought, heck, I could use an addition one with the spark lighter and I'll retire that old, old one I have to light. When I got to the cash register the computer flagged it as "not to be sold" so they wouldn't ring it up for me. Back on the shelves, there was another kit with the same cylinder but smaller torch I could have bought (maybe) but didn't want the small torch head. Tried three other places before finding the NAPA store had some they would sell me. Torch head is still attached so I'm glad I got the full story and I'll leave that intact (and store it outdoors).
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                              Thanks to the OP.

                              I'll be safe now, and I'll get new FULL cylinders to boot.

                              My safety is more important, but full and free is nice also.