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Jet 1024 pulley

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    Thanks for all the help. I tried on Jet website and no luck here either.

    I will take it apart and get accurate measurements then try to figure out if I will buy one or make myself one.

    The one on there right now looks a lot like sintered or Aluminum casting, lots of dirt on it but easily noticeable this is a coarse grain material.



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      Quick question about the pulley measurement.

      The ID of each step appears to be: 1-3/4, 2-1/2 and 3-1/4 inch. Is this the right way to measure? Seems like everything I found online was 2-3-4inch steps.



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        I'd be surprised if you were able to find a replacement off-the-shelf pulley that wasn't made for a chinese lathe. Remember that the groove spacing also has to match

        I think if this were mine I'd find someone to braze up that missing portion, then turn it back to shape on a lathe.


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          Here's a web site that helps when determining V pulley sizes. Please note the pulley diameter is slightly smaller than the OD.

          I recommend taking the dimensions and checking with the Surplus Center or Grizzly. I just did a search and Wholesale Tools carries step pulleys, who knows you just might get lucky.

          You may find someone willing to TIG weld the pulley, but it would be difficult as the alloy used in the casting process has a low melting point in order to make it easier to cast. It will also have a very coarse grain structure.