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    I hope you can get us some spectacular pictures!
    I cut it off twice and it's still too short!

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    Sorry, I have been too ill to even look outside. This last week has been very bad. I ate something on last Sunday that poisoned me and it has been all I can do to even focus my eyes on the computer never mind think clearly. I'm still not feeling very well but at least I can think now.

    It wasn't ordinary food poisoning but something a lot worse, probably caused by hidden and undeclared ingredients that are not required to be declared by law, here and in the US. I found out some things that scare the crap out of me in regard to our food supply.
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      Evan, sorry to hear your'e ill, as you mention lots of crap in our food chain these days !


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        Check this out. The first is drawn from an application to the FDA for a new process to make a food additive called "Phospholipase". It is used to break down egg yolk so it won't congeal when the product is pasturized. In the past phospholipase has been extracted from pig pancrease which makes it non-kosher. A method of growing it without using any porcine materials is worth a lot of money. They figured out how to grow it on a mash of soybean and wheat bran, about 40/60%. The Aspergillus niger fungus they use is genetically modified to contain the pig gene that expresses phospholipase. They needed approval to use it for this process.
        What I ate was a prepared Alfredo sauce.

        This is the statement to the FDA regarding safety of A. niger:


        7.1 Safety of the Production Strain

        The safety of the production organism is paramount to assessing the probable degree of safety for enzyme preparations to be used in food production. According to the IFBC, food or food ingredients are safe to consume if they have been produced, according to current Good Manufacturing Practices, from a nontoxigenic and nonpathogenic organism (IFBC, 1990).

        A nontoxigenic organism is defined as “one which does not produce injurious substances at levels that are detectable or demonstrably harmful under ordinary conditions of use or exposure” and a nonpathogenic organism as “one that is very unlikely to produce disease under ordinary circumstance" (Pariza and Foster, 1983). 0

        A niger is not a human pathogen and it is not toxigenic. It is known to naturally occur in foods. The fungus is commonly present in products like rice, seeds, nuts, olives and dried fruits. For several decades, A. niger has been safely used in the commercial production of organic acids and various food enzymes, such as glucose oxidase, pectinase, alpha-amylase and glucoamylase.

        Industrial production of citric acid by A. niger has taken place since 1919 (Schuster et al., 2002, attached as Annex 7.1.1). This long experience of industrial use has resulted in a good knowledge of the characteristics of A. niger and understanding of the metabolic reactions.

        The long industrial use and wide distribution of A. niger in nature has never led to any pathogenic symptoms. The nonpathogenic nature of A . niger has been confirmed by several experimental studies (see Annex 7.1.1). A. niger is therefore generally accepted as a nonpathogenic organism.
        That entire statement is a full out lie. I can't believe that they could apparently get away with it because approval was granted in 2005. Further, the product is only pasteurized to 80C which is not sufficient to kill A. niger spores.

        Following is from the US National Institute of Health:

        Aspergillus niger genomics: past, present and into the future.

        Baker SE.


        Fungal Biotechnology Team, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, Washington 99352, USA. [email protected]


        Aspergillus niger is a filamentous ascomycete fungus that is ubiquitous in the environment and has been implicated in opportunistic infections of humans. In addition to its role as an opportunistic human pathogen, A. niger is economically important as a fermentation organism used for the production of citric acid.
        This is from Health Canada:



        Aspergillus spp. includes many species, about 40 of which have been implicated in human or animal infections (1). Aspergillosis is a common term used to describe infections caused by different species of Aspergillus (1). Most cases of aspergillosis are caused by A. fumigatus, with A. flavus and A. niger being the second most common pathogenic Aspergillus spp. worldwide (1). Diseases caused by Aspergillus spp. include clinical allergies (allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, rhinitis, Farmers’s lung), superficial and local infections (cutaneous infections, otomycosis, tracheobronchitis), infections associated with damaged tissue (aspergilloma, osteomyelitis), and invasive pulmonary and extrapulmonary infections (1).
        The pathogenicity is so commonly known that it has a common name, "Farmer's Lung". It can also colonize most other organs of the body. If it does colonize the lungs it can be fatal up to 90% of the time.

        It is also the same fungus that infected my ear a few years ago. I most likely developed an allergic response to it then which means that on a second exposure it could make me extremely ill or even kill me. I investigated the process for making the product and there is no assurance that the spores will not be present in the finished product. If they are they are not required to mention it as it is not considered and additive, only a processing aid.

        It turns out that food may contains residues of "processing aids" whatever they might be and they are not required to be listed in the ingredients. The requirement to be considered a "processing aid" is that it be added as a result of making the food rather than as an intended part of the food.

        What is worse for me is that the resulting product is also contaminated with gluten from the wheat bran mash. I'm so sensitive to gluten that it only takes parts per million to screw up my gut for a week.
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          Evan, best wishes for your full recovery!
          Location: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada


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            These days if you are alergic to the wrong things you can instantly find 90% of the food at the supermarket inedible... And basicly everything at restrants.

            So many things are common place in nearly all foods... Take for example garlin and onions. Littarly in about 90% of prepaired food.
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