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  • Help with hydraulic pump

    I got an issue with the hydraulic pump for my boat.
    I have it mostly apart in preparation for the rebuild, but I have this stubborn cir clip that I can't seem to get out.
    Its about 3 inches in diameter and is in the groove in a way that I can't seem to get a screw driver behind it to spring it out so I can pull it.

    Here's what I"m up against.

    Any thoughts or tricks are greatly appreciated.

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    For things like that I use a dental pick or O-ring pick to get in behind one end and get it started. After that you can use a flat screwdriver to work it out. You may have to push the middle piece down a little to give the ring room to get out. It's hard to tell from the picture though.
    Kansas City area


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      Before you put it back in, grind on end to an angle, back side recessed.

      I had one once I had to take the dremel to, to get a bit of an angle to hook with a steel crochet hook. The back side of that one was not part of any seal, so it didn't matter that I also put a small dimple into it.



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        X'2 for what Toolguy said.If that doesn't work I have tacked a welding rod to one end before and yanked them out with Visegrips.
        I just need one more tool,just one!


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          drill a small hole from the outside diameter and push on the ring with a pick until it comes out of the groove enuf to get a screw driver under it. . .


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            That style of lock ring looks similar to the one that retains the gland on my 230 Timberjack hydraulic cylinders.
            The gland has to be forced back first this allows clearance for the ring to be removed.
            Hope this helps