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Insert tools - Before I post to fleabay

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  • Insert tools - Before I post to fleabay

    Hello all,

    I would appreciate help on what these may be worth before I post these to fleabay if it's worth it, here's what I've got (all used):

    - One Lyndex boring bar? (apparently I'll need help with this) left-hand 1.5''x1''x8''; KTFR 865C insert TP54; Insert not good anymore, seat OK

    - One Kennametal 1.25''x1''x6'' right-hand turning tool; NELL 204D insert NP44; no insert; seat chipped but OK

    - One Kennametal 1''x1''x6'' left-hand turning tool; DVJNR-163D insert VN-33;
    insert good; seat OK

    - One Carboloy turning tool 1''x1''x6''; TBL-16-3P; insert not good, seat OK

    Four brazed carbide turning tools (.5''x.5''; two .75''x.75'' and one 1''x1'')

    I won't be using these simply because I'm quite comfortable with grinding HSS bits (and am very much enjoying the learning curve) and my SB 16'' and Lathemaster 9x30 are simply not production machines. In the end I just want a fair estimate of what this is worth so I can get rid of these quickly without screwing anyone (or myself).

    Thank you in advance for your responses.

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    For the insert tool holders, why not make your own HSS inserts?


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      You might get $30 for all of them... and one - the DVJNR-163D is most of that. The rest are obsolete.

      Just keep them or trade among friends. No matter the machine there's times when carbide is the right choice.


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        I second Lakeside's advice.

        It would just cost you more than you could sell them for. Additionally, you might have need of the insert tool holder (carbide) for some later applications (i.e.: hardened steel).


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          The DVJNR tools is, FYI, actually a RIGHT HAND tool. That's what the fifth alpha position of the nomenclature means. If it were and "L", it would then be a left had tool holder and the insert wouold be on the opposite side.


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            This is why!!

            Thank you very much,

            See...That's what makes this board great. Thanks guys, I really appreciate your responses. So this means I don't have to spend useless hours trying to sell stuff on fleabay for naught...Thank God!


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              that center one sure has a weird posative rake insert.
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