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    I have a boring bar Valenite 975? CP-32.5? (those are the only somewhat legible markings) that I stuck in my turret toolpost that takes inserts Sumitomo CPMT32 ac2000 (carbide). I use the boring bar for everything, o.d., boring, facing. Right now this is my best option. But, I am not able to get a smooth finish like when I did with HSS.

    Can someone tell me a # for some HSS inserts for this bar? Preferribly from MSC. I'm new to this insert stuff and have no idea what these numbers mean.


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    Until Pixman chimes in, you'll have to do with me.

    If you really want HSS inserts, buy direct from AR Warner Co.

    The AC2000 and the cpMt makes it sound like this is a roughing insert, so no wonder you have a bad surface finish.

    Google for "carbide insert designation chart" to understand what the numbers mean.

    You want to buy a cpGt 32.5x insert, where X=0, 0.5, 1, 2 is code for the corner radius.

    Then there is typically a 2 or 3 letter code that indicates the chipbreaker shape, then another longer code that indicates the coating material.

    If you want one specifically for aluminum, get the CPGT 32.5x HP chipbreaker uncoated from Kennametal.

    If you want only one insert for all materials and promise not to take too heavy cuts with steels, still get the HP chipbreaker but use one of the other grades such as KC730, KC5010, etc. You will have to go to Kennametal's web page to research the different grades.

    If you want to do heavy cuts in steel, you will have to research the other chipbreakers like LF (Kennametal), PM2 (Valenite), etc and other coatings.

    In general, inserts are much cheaper on ebay, for example
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