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    I'm looking at doing some small work and will be looking for accurate rod materail (like dowel pins) that are under 1/16" and hardware starting at #4 and working their way down. Rather than recreate the wheel thought you might have some ideas. Somewhere relatively close to where I live (Cleveland) would be even nicer.

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    Look on McMaster Carrs web site. Just got 2-56 socket head cap screws and Phillips 0-80 machine screws.



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      Small Stuff

      Check out
      Kansas City area


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        And don't forget your LWS for TIG and Gas rods in assorted flavors.
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          The J.I. Morris Co. makes and sells screws, nuts, threaded rod, and taps down to 0000-160. Large for them is 2-56. They will sell direct.

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            +1 for microfasteners


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              McMaster-Carr is always a favorite. And in Cleveland, if you need things in a hurry, you can call and place an order in will-call, then drive down I-480 and pick it up at their Aurora location. I have been there a lot this past year!

              Just take 480 all the way to the end and exit on Frost Rd (last exit before the Turnpike). Turn left, then drive to the light at Aurora Rd and turn left again. They are in the Aurora Industrial Parkway near the water tower.



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                The jimorrisco wants over $100.00 for certain very small taps,and over $80.00 for others in the smallest sizes. That does not include a die. Better to just buy a Mascot screw plate with taps. I have made eyeglass screws in a pinch with mine. I got it from Rio Grande jewelry supplies,or Gesswein Co. who supplies jeweler's tools and lots of things. I think my Mascot screw plate was $40.00 several years ago. No doubt more now,but you get a full range of tiny screw threading sizes.


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                  Thanks Gentlemen

                  Mc Master Carr is a great place for a lot of things in terms of availability. On the particular project I'm intersted in working (a hit and miss engine with a sub .25" bore I'm going to be looking for very small hardware. I'm just working up the drawings now and have yet to figure just how small I'm going to have to go. I'm just guessing but I wouldn't be surprised if 2-56 would be the cylinder head bolts.
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                    Forgot, another hand-me-down from the master himself (Bill Huxhold) he said that the availiability and cost on metric fasteners in the micro range are much better than the SAE sizes (unlike the full size hardware counterparts).
                    Allans Rule: Anything worth doing is going to be a pain in the butt.