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  • Compressor gloat

    I had been needing a small compressor or for my lab area to run things like my Metcal desoldering station, the valving on my mass spec, and a couple small air isolation tables I have. I had built a small quiet compressor from a refrigeration compressor and a 2 gallon tank from a HF compressor. It worked but it was incredibly slow and when I used it with my Metcal it would not keep up. I them salvaged an old badger hermetic airbrush setup. More cfm but only a 1 gal tank on it. Monday I traded that to a friend for a jun-air compressor motor. That night for jun-air and I found a complete unit for $100 with the same motor and a 25L tank. I called them and went down and got it. Turns out it was a two motor unit. One motor died and was removed. So I stuck the one I got from my friend in place.

    This gives me about 2.6cfm at 120psi. Enough for what I need and it is very quiet. Not bad for $100 plus some trading!

    Jun-air compressor by macona, on Flickr

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    Could be a dental or hospital compressor. I've got one 25 gal tank that has 2-2HP 220V motors & 2 dual piston pumps. I thought it strange 2 complete compressors on one tank. Turns out it's a super quiet dental unit. 1-3 dentist turn on one switch. 4 or more turn on the 2nd. Neat find.
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      Very nice shiny for a hundred bucks!

      There's only one way to find out, might as well get started now!


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        Cool deal, But weirdest compressor I have ever seen, Wheres the belt, the flywheel, the.. compressor?
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          These are used for a lot if things like airbrushing, dental, and also come with electron microscopes to run the vacuum valves.

          Black moons, these compressors are very similar to the compressor in a refrigerator or air conditioner. Main difference is they have a lid so they can be worked on. The jun-air compressors are made in Denmark and you can get just about every part for them. The motor and compressor are one unit suspended by springs in the canister.

          The small units are about as louder as a small refrigerator. This is a bit louder. Each motor is 450w, a little over a half HP.


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            Very awesome and great score. It's not official yet till....................................YOU SUCK!!!!