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OT: rheostat/thermostat for incubator

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  • OT: rheostat/thermostat for incubator

    Hey guys,

    This is off topic but I am convinced that one or more have an immediate solution to what I wish to accomplish.

    I want to make a proving/proofing oven used when making bread. Most people construct a wooden box with a large door. Within a ceramic light bulb receptacle is installed along with a 40W bulb. Inside temperature from the light bulb is controlled by a rheostat/thermostat and it can be adjusted. If fact it must be adjustable. The temperature need to be accurately maintained at any desired temp between 72F and 84F.

    So the wooden box, nor receptacle, nor bulb is an issue. But I don’t know where to look to either find a rheostat/thermostat or how to make a rheostat/thermostat that would “fit the bill”. I have checked at local “feed stores” (which are a joke in this area) for chicken egg incubators and I have looked on line for rheostat/thermostat for making chicken egg incubators and have found some but there is little mention regarding sensitivity settings. The reason I am hunting for rheostat/thermostat for chicken egg incubators is, various cooking forums claim they are really good for making the proving oven. Naturally, if the temp falls below a certain level I want the light to come on automatically, and vice versa. I don’t want this to be a “manual thing”.

    Shipping large items and shipping cost have become a problem in Alaska. Have you any suggestions?

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    I bet just a dimmer control for a light would work, if you can manually adjust it. Or must it be automatic?
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      My friend makes these kits that will work like a charm. You can use it to heat or cool, etc. Grab a simple bulb, set your temperature and forget it.

      He uses it for cooking, making efficient refrigerators, etc.


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        line voltage thermostat

        get a cheap Line Voltage Thermostat and wire in the light bulb. It will keep it within a degree or tw if your light bulb is large enough.


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          Another possible solution:

          Lots more similar to this if you look around, with all manner of options.

          (EDIT) Some others here:

          I worked for a short while 20 years ago at a place that serviced restaurant equipment. The proofing cabinets I saw had very simple on-off mercury bulb mechanical thermostats. Nothing at all fancy, but reliable and robust.

          Make sure to post what you end up building. I'm sure there will be some metal on it someplace. If not, you are not trying hard enough!
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            All the right answers. I knew that someone would know what they called and where to find them.

            SimpleSimon: Be watching for a PM

            Thanks to all!!!

            For those having fought for it, Freedom has a flavor the protected will never know.
            Freedom is only one generation away from extinction.


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              Might have some useful info.:
              Farm supplies:


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                Line voltage thermastat for baseboard heater. $15~25 at any local hardware store. Wires in series with bulb, no fuss no muss, Typicaly rated 15A at 120v or 240v (Get the right voltage)
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