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    Being that this is a hobby forum, I thought I would post another suggestion for sourcing machine tool related knowledge - library book sales. Locally here to me, there are quite a few libraries within 30 mins, some of which have these sales multiple times/year. Having just returned from one such sale, I feel very good to have "rescued" some "old" books which were otherwise destined for the recycle bin, and helped the library gain a few dollars in funds.

    Today I brought home Starrett's "Tools & Rules," which despite having read years ago, I couldnt pass up for $0.25, "Tool Design" by Cole, and "Engine Service" by Lewis for $0.50, and another copy of "Machinery's Handbook," and several engineering references for work for $1 each.

    While we may not typically think these are great sources for books, some might consider a call to their local library to inquire about such sales worthwhile. Personally, I find the pictures and diagrams in old machine trades' texts to be worth their weight in gold quite often in this hobby.
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    That is an excellent suggestion, I've found lots of goodies at library sales myself. The old technical books and shop reference books seem to be regarded as near worthless to many library staff who may not understand why they might be useful.

    I got a pretty much unused copy of the three book Audel's Machinist's library a few years ago. Nice set.

    I kind of had to throttle back on going to those, as I was running short on places to put the stuff. Too much temptation.


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      I picked up the same "Audel's" set awhile back also.

      I found at these sales you gotta be consistent, keep checking regularly , otherwise something good will be missed.

      There are some great bargains to be found at times.