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Small abrasive cut-off saw

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  • Small abrasive cut-off saw

    Made this little chop saw after being inspired by Dickeybird's screw chopper.

    Harbor Frieght had their cheap 4" angle grinder on sale for $9.95. Had on hand old ViseGrip sheet metal clamp, car water pump bearing with shaft & flange, some rusty scrap metal and a days fiddling around. Test cut of 5/16" rod showed the little grinder has enough power for intermitten use.

    Used 5 inch cut off wheel and made guard with dust chute to fit.

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    I really like the vice-grip adaptation!


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      lol at choping right into the plate on the vise grip.. Nifty. Is one of those socket heads I see rest on the vise grips to prevent cutting too deep?

      What is with all the bolts and set screws on the bearing block?
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        The row of screws force the long sealed ball bearing against two walls of the square tubing. Seems to be doing a good job of holding the bearing in place.

        So far the blade guard works for stops at both ends of travel. Biggest problem is the switch sucks for ease of using, need to figure linkage for using existing switch.


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          Very cool Gary, I like it. The dust chute is a nice touch.

          The switch location on mine is way more awkward than yours.

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            Dickeybird, redid my switch. Maybe something like this might work for yours.

            The bolt pattern for the angle head is a square. Removed the screws and turned body 90 degrees and put screws back in. Also worked the plastic switch over, removed tab that locked grinder, Used weaker spring tension (switch is remote from on/off button) and added knob to on/off button.


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              Gary, looks good! Great to see things like this posted here!