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    Originally posted by geojoe
    What might be some good beginner metal projects? Maybe some tools for woodworking or metal working? Other?

    Thanks again,
    Recently I read an article about making a marking guage, similar to one sold by Lee Valley Tools (google Veritas Marking Guage).

    Can't remember if that was in Home Shop Machinist or one of my two woodworking subscriptions: WoodSmith or ShopNotes.

    Seems I regularly see good machining candidates for useful woodworking tools.
    Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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      Black Forest speaks the truth. Metal working IS a disease.

      I'm kind of like you. I have a very nice wood shop (just finished a whole kitchen full of custom sized cabinets for the War Wagon). And I am in my 50's and only started making chips at age 50.

      I have incorporated turnings into a few wood projects. If you lathe turn lamps or build jewelry boxes, turning metal trim pieces goes very well with, say, walnut. Aluminum is easy to work with and will not try your patience near as much as 316 stainless to start.

      I say design and build some pieces using both materials, and then see where it leads. But again, beware. In my case there is just something about metal working that I don't get from wood.

      Disclaimer in case she reads this: As long as the War Wagon is alive and changing her house around I'll be making as much, if not more sawdust than metal chips. And that's OK... I guess.

      Welcome to the disease.


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        Hi Duffy,

        I see you are from Gatineau, Quebec. My wife is from Quebec--near Trois Rivieres.

        We occasionally get to the Ottawa/Gatineau area but usually go over to her home area.

        We always enjoy our visits to Quebec.



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          Thank you for these ideas.

          I hope I can eventually find someone to actually show me some techniques. I think if I get a shove in the right direction, I might actually take to metal more than wood.

          I felt that way about blacksmithing but living in the city with limited space has made that a bit difficult.

          Thanks again,