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Carriage Wheel Spins under load???

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  • Carriage Wheel Spins under load???

    I just noticed this today, if there is resistance, especially at the ends of the bed my carriage control (Left to right) spins freely. If it is in the middle area it is ok but if I push on the carriage/Apron hard enough it will do it almost everywhere.

    I am not sure this is right, like a clutch feature. The lathe is an older Jet 1024. I talked to the previous owner and obviously he never experienced this.

    Is there any adjustment I should know about? I am starting to think I will need to dissassemble and inspect eventually. Is this a common issue or I am in this for a runaround since there is no more parts....


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    i don't know about jet ..but worth having a look at the clutch ..

    you say at each end its slipping
    i see from this picture

    that the rack is made up of several pieces

    could be something to do with it ...peices out of alignment etc.

    all the best.markj
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      I just noticed something while playing with it. There is an oiler ball on the handle, I put some oil in ther and it spinned a lot more, I am suspecting the handle is spinning on the shaft.

      I could not find any set screw, there is a pin through the whole assembly???


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        If I am looking at the parts diagram right, there should be a square key and opposite a set screw (#13 and # 18 in the diagram I am looking at)...if the key is MIA, then the set screw will have little if any effect (but it would sort of explain why sometimes it would grab and at other times just spin...the set screw may still be there, just really deep trying to do both jobs)

        Edit: the handwheel itself should be pretty easy to remove entirely (there is just a cap screw) and that would show you in short order if the key is missing (it may stay or fall out so have something to catch and listen)...that is not to say w 100% certainty, there are other ways it could be held, I am going by diagram
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          Definately no set screws. I took the lock pin out, it was going right through the shaft. When installed the shaft was out quite a bit. I can push the shaft in another 1/4 inch.

          I think this could be the problem, just engaging on the pinion end and with some freeplay slipping.

          It is definately an aftermarket handle, the locking pin hole is drille off center.
          I will install set screws and push as far in on installation.



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            I hope we are not talking at cross purposes but your description does not sound like the drawing I looked at in the Jet 1024 manual but as you say, its not original.

            I would suggest doing a bit of investigative work prior to reassembling the parts...even if the key and set screw are gone, if the handle is aftermarket there should still be a key seat key seat on the shaft itself.
            If that feature is not me it becomes a bit of looking first, certainly to find out why there is that slop/end play and that shaft not having a key seat would indicate it too has been replaced at some point [FWIW, tapered pins to hold handles on are pretty common though I think found more on earlier model lathes of many makers]
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              Originally posted by gstprecision
              It is definately an aftermarket handle, the locking pin hole is drille off center.

              that sounds normal for a chinese lathe

              all the best.markj


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                Took the handle and the holder, if i can say so, and the gear . The handle has a pin through, and there is a holder with 2 bolt to the carriage. I Took the bolt out and the pinion gear came out with it.

                All the gear I can see through the bottom are in great shape, I reassemble everything and it seems better now. I suspect something higher in the apron might start to get worn out, I will use it like that for now and if it becomes a real pain I will investigate further.

                Thanks for all the help.



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                  Took the carriage off the lathe and opened it up last night.

                  There was a shear pin at the bottom of the tank, and hole in the gear. This where it was spinning. I made sure the pin was big enough and reinstalled everything.

                  Works great now.

                  Thanks again for all the help