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How much for a Colchester Chipmaster ????

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  • How much for a Colchester Chipmaster ????

    One of the UK traders has a Chipmaster for sale.
    Nice looking lathe, complete with most of the accessories that you would need, but at a price.
    3950 GBP plus tax = 4750 GBP or nearly 7500 USD !!!
    My Chipmaster, albeit older, less pretty and without some of the accessories and via a private sale, cost me less than 1/6th of that...
    Of course setting a price doesn't mean it will sell for that amount.
    The Chipmaster is a nice lathe, but is it that good?

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    no ...I think ebay sets the price ..that one in the picture..looks a nice one ... would probably sell for £1200 - £1500 on ebay

    lots of other stuff on ebay ...overpriced and never sells ..set your standards, by, the stuff that starts cheap and does sell with many bidders

    all the best.markj


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      The dealer I've bought a lot of my kit from has a clean Hardinge HLV-H for £4850 +vat

      5" x 18" Super Precision toolroom lathe. All metric machine fitted with coolant and light. C/w Taper Turning attachment, Collet attachment & selection of 5C collets, Mutifix toolpost + holders, tailstock chuck & center, 3 point steady, 3 & 4 jaw chucks, face & catch plate.

      From what I hear H&WM is a hobby business for the owners. They often seem to be advertising the same machines for a very long time.

      Richard at Project Machinery likes to SELL machines, not store them.
      Paul Compton


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        Like a house builder selling new builds, it's as high a price as he dare ask while keeping a straight face.

        £1,500 to £2,000 will buy you a so, so Chipmaster. Unless I badly needed the one in the add I would offer not more than 2,700 then sweat it up to 3,000 absolute max if necessary. Above that walk away and wait for the seller to call me back. If he doesn't, move on. You would need to check out the Kopp Variator condition and overall wear.

        At the end of the day it all depends on how much cash you have and how long you are prepared to wait for a better price/condition combination to come around the corner. Spending money to avoid delays becomes more important as you get older.



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          The Chipmaster we had had many more accessories than that one, e.g. set of collets (expensive-looking Pratt type I think), turret attachement to replace tailstock, hydraulic copy etc etc. That one looks pretty plainly equipped. (I detested that little worn out lightweight lathe!)


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            If that Hardinge is still as accurate as it is clean, That's a hell of a deal. Now if I just had the money, The extra room, A concrete floor in my shop, The cash to pay for the high shipping costs? I'd buy that lathe for sure



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              Not that much.

              i recently paid $ 1000 for a Colchester Bantam. 3 jaw/ 4 jaw/ 5c collet chuck steadies, 220 v motor. Machine seems in good order. Round here second hand machine prices have dropped noticeably in the last 5 yrs. regards David Powell.


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                I hate Colchesters but think the Chippie is the best lathe they produced and of comparable quality to other industrial makes.
                So saying,I doubt that one in excellent condition with basic equipment and a quiet variator is worth more than £2000 in the UK.
                While the Hardinge looks nice I`ve never seen the attraction of them.


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                  You could find a bantam as well equipped and in good order for about £1000-£1200.
                  Chippies do seem to command more (never quite understood that as a stuffed variator will cost big bucks) but £1500 is reasonable .

                  Some dealers do seem to have stars in their eyes

                  As previously stated Richard seems to do a reasonable deal!
                  Nice guy too


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                    This web - internet - what ever you call it - it does seem to me a bit pathetic sometimes. Here am I - googling, searching, for machinery, suppliers, for years, and now I find a new dealer not thirty miles away.

                    Thanks for the link, Ev and others.

                    Re the Chipmaster, I go along with most of the comments.

                    I got a Bantam Mk I for £600, but it was missing the reverse mech. I'd say £1000 for a reasonably good Bantam 800, £1200 for a 1600 and a bit more for a Chippie that sounds good.

                    That Sidcup fellow always seemed a bit pricy to me, even at the shows. Having said that, I was tempted to go for one of his vacuum pumps last week. Inertia came to the rescue.

                    Have a look at what Bede are doing with Colchesters. They often have something. And Nobilla in Knebworth are always worth checking out.
                    Richard - SW London, UK, EU.


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                      Originally posted by rohart
                      and now I find a new dealer not thirty miles away.
                      New to you maybe, but Project Machinery have been around for at least 15 years. I found Richard's advert in Model Engineer's Workshop where he used to advertise from time to time.
                      Paul Compton