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How to weld delrin gear

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  • How to weld delrin gear

    One of my neighbor bring me a small nylon or delrin gear. 2 parralel spirals .

    (.850dia .230bore .305 face)
    The gear had a crack from center to outside. What is the best method to glue it to the shaft.
    I can drill a hole to pin it in place. I suspect the torque will split it whitout glue.

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    My experience with delrin or acetal and glue has been - it does not glue easily or well. YMMV


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      Delrin is nearly impossible to glue with any success. It is self lubricating and quite slippery to the touch. I have been making delrin bits for my scuba stuff for a while now, and from my research there is no easy way to glue it. I did see a thing on youtube where a guy had limited success. He used some type of etching acid, heated the delrin with a torch, then glued it up. Not sure what kind of forces on what he was doing but I'd guess for a gear they are pretty significant.

      Take a peek on youtube for "gluing delrin" and you should find it.



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        I think you would be better off drilling and taping it, if you can... Maybe drill and tap a 'side' plate on?
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