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any model cannon buffs?

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  • any model cannon buffs?

    Quite a few years ago, motivated by a book I'd read, and before I knew anything much at all about machine shop lore, I decided to try to make a scale model of a WWI cannon colloquially known as the "French 75", a 3" field gun used by both the British and American forces.

    I was able to locate original blueprints in some kind of national archive, and paid a small fortune to have them copied and mailed to me.

    I am abashed to say that is as far as I've ever gotten.

    It's now something like 18 years later, and this box of huge prints is still sitting here, a testament to my failure to follow through.

    I tried listing it on craigslist, but every time some anti-gun person flagged me down.

    If anyone wants these, please email me offline at gwe AT tinyisland DOT com and we'll discuss.


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    im interested please send me a private message