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What size clamp kit for my Ab Arborga Maskiner mill?

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  • What size clamp kit for my Ab Arborga Maskiner mill?

    The slots measure 0.550" at the top and 0.990" at the bottom. I think that rules out using 9/16" T-nuts with 1/2-13 studs.

    I'm looking at the 1/2" T-nuts and 3/8-16 studs in the 202-4802 set here:

    Is that the best choice? What are those of you with these mills using?
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    14mm x25mm?? It's metric is it not!


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      1/2" T nuts and then mill the T nuts if needed to fit into the slots.
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        Tee Nuts

        My mill/drill is an Enco, I bought the hold-down kit in the upper left of the Shars display. Had touble with the nuts fitting the groove, until I did what Black Moons said--milled the sides down until they fit the table grooves. Its a little hard on HSS mills but I did get the job done.

        No doubt my table grooves are probably 14 X 25 MM .

        Good Luck


        P. S. I have never been sorry about buyng that hold down kit.
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          Here is another source of T-nuts with possibly a greater selection:

          Like rock_breaker, I have never regretted spending the bucks for a good set of clamps, studs, T-nuts, and blocks.
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            Here is a set of 12mm holddowns from HF, not a very good price tho.



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              It's metric slots.
              You need 14 mm T-Nuts (with M12 thread). Shouldn't be too hard to find.