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Gorton Machine - subsidiary of Kearney & Trecker

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  • Gorton Machine - subsidiary of Kearney & Trecker

    I did an ebay search for "Gorton" and a manual for the same mill as mine came up as a Kearney and Trecker (with mention of Gorton). The pictures showed Kearney and Trecker on the cover and it showed a page with a familiar picture of the mill.

    So I dug out my manuals... sure enough. Mine has a different cover, but on the first page it reads "Gorton Machine Corporation - subsidiary of Kearney and Trecker".

    Call me dense, call me a rookie, take two aspirin and call me in the morning, but I did not notice that before and I now I think I have a callous on my hand from slapping myself in the forehead. Maybe I'll need the aspirin.

    I guess there might be more folks to share information with than I originally thought.

    I've had this mill for six months and I am just now beginning to look at it.

    p.s. My mill's model number is 1-22 (Mastermil with one L). I plan to make the manuals and schematics available on the yahoo group eventually for anyone who might need them.


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    K&T bought up the remains of Gorton when they went under around '79 or so. And then G&L scraped the remains of K&T when they bit the big one. At least it all remained in state. Gortons pantographs were being manufacured by Famco in Kenosha Wisconsin. Whether they are still building them I don't know but the last time I looked at their web site they where. just checked and they do as of now along with the Lars cutter grinders. Who says nobody builds machinery in the US anymore
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