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Standard brazing rod

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  • Standard brazing rod

    Ok, So what exactly is the hardware store brazing rod? As in, what alloy should I expect it to be? the brass type, Not the nickle rods.
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    It is a low fuming, bronze alloy copper,zinc and a little phosphorus. Of course your mileage may vary, due to the alloy and what company has made it and rebranded it.

    The other common yellow type torch rods are naval bronzes, silicon bronzes. They than get more into custom blends
    Crown alloy's general purpose brazing alloy for torch is Crown 125 bare, if FC after it is flux coated. Tensile strength is up to 65,000 psi working temp is 1670°F to1750°F Flux is used.
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      Have a look at this pdf - Harris

      Have a few alloys listed near the bottom!

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        Here, unless you go for something specific, either manganese bronze or tobin bronze.