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Help me understand the collets on my Maskiner mill.

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    Originally posted by winchman View Post

    "It looks like the collet is supposed to be snapped into the nut before a tool is inserted."

    Thank you, Toolguy!! That's how it works. It's not real easy to get the collet out of the nut, but it can be done.
    I assume you sometimes need to change the collet size.
    What if you use, in a pinch, a geared hose clamp...or make a tool with a beveled inner end which compresses inward the 'leaves' while exerting axial pressure to eject the collet?
    Even an old socket might do the trick.


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      Myford in the UK used a similar collet arrangement with a threaded closer. Getting the collets into and out of the closer is very easy. Its just a tube that is pushed over the collet shank until it closes up enough to get the closer over the end. Removal is just the reverse procedure. Obviously, you can't put the tool into the collet until after its fitted into the closer.
      Presumably the collet holder body is tapped in the end of the taper shank for a drawbar?
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