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Sheet Metal 3-in-ones... what sizes?

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  • Sheet Metal 3-in-ones... what sizes?

    I am looking for a sheet-metal roll-shear-brake for a specific repeat home-business production job. Goal is to get one, set it up and leave it set up so I can use my Di Acro for other jobs.

    I see them is several sizes, does anyone have insight into who makes the SMALLEST version?

    I suppose I could make do with the one I see at Harbor Freight (after I remove all the **** and fail from it... machine everything into tolerance and repaint it.) but it's a bit bigger than I can swing right now.

    Space is at a premium now that I have my turret-punch installed and running. Machine has a huge swing to it, plus racks for all the tooling.

    Anyway, small 3-in-one sheetmetal worker. Any leads?
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