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    Looking for good large charts to print off and post on wall in my work space, would anyone know of some sites which I could find them chart info I would like would be decimal chart, drill cutting speed and feed chart, lathe speed and feed chart, snap ring chart , taper chart. Also any others that you may sugest if you think would be useful to have around the workshop.

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    Try some of the industrial suppliers such as MSC, ENCO, Travers, Applied Industrial, etc.


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      Contact Starret directly for a nice wall chart of decimals/fractions.

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        One thing that seems to be lost to modern day commercial charts is the simple SFM/Diameter/RPM graph. I'm using manual equipment; the charts full of SFM ranges for given materials are helpful, but you soon ingest this information to memory. On the other hand, I have gotten really sick of calculating out the RPM needed to actually run the machine for a given operation. I was looking through Machinery's Handbook for some specific SFM information the other week and discovered a nice table that lists SFM on the X axis and correlates Diameter on the Y axis. When I only have 12 or so speeds to choose from, whether the specific SFM is 50 or 60 is precise enough! In the larger print version of the 28th ed., the charts span pages 988-991. There are two RPM tables, actually: one in SFM/inches and the other in Meters per Minute/mm's. I've copied the two pages needed and hung it up for quick, easy reference. I should have done this long ago!

        I might also add that I generally prefer the diameters/decimal equivalents chart from McMaster because it is a plain chart. There is no massive advertisement logo for Starrett, SPI, MSC or name your poison. Haha. That's just me, though


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          Here are some printable tap/drill charts I have been working on

          Not really sure what style I like the most... Still need to fiddle with the scaling some to get them the right scale for full page printing, but you can do that in print setup as well.
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