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3/4" pipe tap in ABS

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  • 3/4" pipe tap in ABS

    I have a project I have been working on and have the need to tap a hole in ABS with a 3/4" pipe tap. The hole drilled to size and proceeded to tap hole. Found out I did not have a tap holder that big so I grabed a socket and ratchet to do the job. As I was tapping the hole and keeping the tap straight to the hole I thought thing were going well. At depth I removed the tap and to my suprise the hole had very shallow threads. It acted like a reamer instead of a tap. I did another hole and this time leaned on the ratched to ensure the tap advanced in the hole but still the same results. Any tips?

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    Tapered pipe threads? You have to use a rather undersized hole and then tap rather deep. Use a male threaded section of pipe to 'test fit' your hole to see how deep you have actualy taped.
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      Bill, When threading plastic (mostly PVC) we used new taps and dies that had never been used on metal. The dies were somewhat special ground. The taps were standard issue Rigid taps. For tapping you need to ream to the correct angle and size before tapping. If possible I always drove the tap with a center.
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        This was a new tap not sure on brand. I didn't ream but after trying to tap the hole is now reamed to a taper LOL.


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          Pipe Tap

          You can single point the thread on the lathe to a size where the tap will start, then use the tap to make the thread tapered and on size. It will turn easier and go straighter than trying to cut the entire thread with just the tap.


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            Make sure you have a GOOD tap. A good 3/4" pipe tap will run you somewhere in the neighborhood of $60, but it will Work.
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