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    news story with explanation


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      Maybe the strange sounds are similar to this:


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        Originally posted by Evan
        I was discussing this with my doctor once and he is of the same opinion as I am. I found that interesting because it isn't an opinion I have heard often. I (and he) think that the human brain is not able to comprehend itself. It would require an intelligence an order of complexity higher to be capable of unravelling how our minds work.
        Well I agree as far as totally comprehending itself. But we can develop models to describe some workings of the mind.

        Most of the other things mankind "knows" (other than mathmatics, which we invented, and history and languages) are really nothing more than models. We develop a model to describe what we observe, then when some observation doesn't fit, we revise or replace that model.

        The problem with understanding the mind is that most of it is unconscious to us, and the conscious portion brings in too much bias. As DocSteve used to say, "we know too much stuff that really isn't so."

        I personally believe our model that places all of our "mind" up above the neck and between the ears is grossly wrong. A book I highly recommend is "Molecules of Emotion", by Candace Pert. As a brilliant post-doctoral researcher at Johns Hopkins back in the '70s (I think), she discovered the "opiate receptor" which the bio-chem research world had been chasing for a long time.
        Lynn (Huntsville, AL)


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          We had a freight train pass by the farm at 2 am every morning but they were never so 'loud' as on the days they were delayed and everyone was awake waiting for them!


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            I won't be surprised if the Clintonville noises turn out to be someone releasing balloons filled with oxy/acetylene on a slow fuse. Not that anyone here would ever do such a thing . . .