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Determining Taper in Headstock

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  • Determining Taper in Headstock

    I have been looking to get a collet chuck but I am not sure what size taper my machine has.

    I have a Jet 1024, and the manual I found for it online is not exact, my machine is slightly different.

    it says it should be MT4 but it seems like the spindle is straight.

    Any idea?


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    Running an indicator along the head-stock bore will soon determine if the bore is straight/parallel or tapered (MT).

    MT details are here.


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      Put a DTI on a rod, then attach to tool post somehow (magnetic holder, tool holder etc). Run carriage towards headstock so the DTI is inside the spindle, then move cross slide until DTI makes contact with taper.

      Attach a dial indicator to the carriage, with plunger against the side of the carriage. Zero both indicators. Move carraige 1" towards headstock, read DTI, multiply by 2 and you have your taper per inch. If your taper is 2" long, just move the carriage 2" and read the DTI, it'll show the taper per inch directly.

      If you come up with 0.0519", then it's an MT4.


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        first, what taper are you measuring? most of your post suggests in the internal taper, but that your subject is a collet chuck suggests maybe its a D1 taper you're trying to figure out....or did you mean a collet adapter that fits in the spindle nose This is why nomenclature matters

        seems straight? measure it.....even a pair of spring calipers or a a vernier...or even a plug...something that confirms its not the same diameter at the end as it is an inch in. It would seem very odd that the lathe wouldn't have taper in the spindle.

        start with what dimension you get, diameters etc


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          My guess is that he may be thinking of an ER-32 or the like adaptor with an MT shank that will need a draw-bar in the lathe head-stock spindle. My ER adaptor (for my mills) has an MT3 adaptor so if the OP's lathe has an MT4 taper he will need an MT4>MT3 sleeve.

          It seems that the OP'd lathe does not have a MT "dead centre" for his lathe as that will show the head-stock taper in short order.
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