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  • Hearing protectors recommendation

    I suffer from Tinnitus, and I mean REALLY bad, so hearing protectors are a very important part of my safety gear but it seems none I have tried actually come close to their claimed rating in noise reduction. Back at the mines I had a set of military issue protectors that worked really well but those are long gone and now even the Peltor brand I have been using are starting to deteriorate from age and usage. These things (the Peltors) have a NRR of 30 and I suppose they will meet that IF the ear cups are squeezed tight with my hands so it's as if the spring headgear is not strong enough, a stronger spring would get uncomfortable however. What I am looking for is something like the military issue outfit I had, the ear cup pads were filled with some type of gel so the spring headgear did not have to hold them tightly to seal out the noise. Those things WORKED but I can't find anything close to that now, the odd thing is they were rated at NRR 30 also but were much better than the Peltor brand or any others I have tried, Currently I use foam ear plugs along with the Peltor earmuff type and while it works fairly well it does not work well enough for my lawn mower, or worse yet, the string trimmer. I am open to any suggestion for solving this problem and I would like some opinions on protectors before ordering a new set.

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    I don't have tinnitus but my wife has a severe case of it.

    Both our local Doctor (GP) and Audiologist said that there is not an effective (full?) cure and that it needs to be "got used to" and "put up with".

    My wife has certainly found that advice to be the case and she finds it quite distressing at times. She has very good hearing - even at her age (73).

    Most "distractions" etc. are of no use either.

    We have "peltor" ear muffs but while they work well for the mowers and severe/high shop noises they - and others before them - were of no real use for tinnitus.


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      What about active noise cancellation headphones? It seems to me they might be able to get better then 30db without having to seal to your head.

      Have you considered a haircut that would expose more of your face/head for the hearing protection to seal to? Or trying to move all the hair out of the way of the seal?
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        Take a trip to you local gun store. They will have various ear protection gear there.

        I have about 4 pairs of shooters muffs and all we use them for is when my family is out mowing the lawn. My MTD riding mowers is damn loud. The muffs do a pretty good job of attenuating the noise.



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          I have two new "manual" OHV "Honda" mowers - very quiet indeed and very good mowers too.

          The ride-on is a Hasquarna (sp?) zero turn mower with a single cylinder 19HP OHV B&S engine on it. It is a great mower. It is loud but the "Peltor" muffs sort that out very well too.

          Still no mention of a cure or anything for tinnitus though.


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            Did you say something.

            I can't hear you very well, I've got this ringing in my ears.
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              Originally posted by wb2vsj
              My MTD riding mowers is damn loud. The muffs do a pretty good job of attenuating the noise.

              Another good idea would be investing in a better muffler for the exhaust, or making one.
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                A way to silence tinnitus?


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                  How about these ones

                  3M™ Peltor™ Optime™ 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff Hearing Conservation H10A HV 10 EA/Case
                  These are not the Peltors you commonly see.

                  edited features
                  Proprietary Twin-Cup™ design has soft, foam-filled earmuffs.
                  Earcup pivot points that tilt for optimum comfort and efficiency.
                  Liquid/foam filled earmuff cushions.

                  They are @22 on Amazon
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                    Originally posted by jdunmyer
                    Hope that works as hearing loss & tinnitus constitute part of my VA disability. The last time I went to the audiologist (about 2 years ago) the only "cure" available was to sever the audio nerve (see:

                    One of the ways to reduce the decibel level is to wear ear plugs and ear muffs. Kinda of a PITA, but it works.


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                      Sometimes it's good to have bad hearing especially when the "Honey-Do" list takes a weird twist!!


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                        Doesn't work - period.

                        Thety have "other way" of letting you know what is on the "Honey Doo" list and not being "Honey" any more is only part of it.


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                          I got the wife a pair of David Clark 10A hearing protectors when she was working part time for a lawn care company.

                          She never used them (preferred earplugs), but I like them. On the advice of one of the guys on the machining forum over at, I also got the gel pads. Don't know if I could wear them all day, but they're certainly comfortable.

                          Since dc has a lot of military contracts, it's entirely possible these are the hearing protectors you remember.


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                            +1 for David Clark products. I service the David Clark headsets used in fire trucks, aircraft and the like. They have silicone gel pads available and they greatly increase comfort and noise attenuation. Not cheap equipment but all of the parts are available for repairs... pads, springs, frames etc...

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                              Thanks everyone, I don't even hope to cure the tinnitus and that's not what the protectors are for, I just don't want it to get worse!

                              Well I see a couple of suggestions I hadn't found yet, the 3M™ Peltor™ Optime protectors look interesting and the David Clarke brand will get serious consideration also. Price is not a factor, within reason of course, as long as they work better for the extra money. I will fire off a couple of E-mails for more info on the David Clarke gear and in the mean time I am going to buy that 3M Optime if I can find one locally tomorrow, if the David Clarke is indeed like that Military outfit I had several years ago I will order one of those too.