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123 blocks, 11 or 23 hole?

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    You will be aware that the range of "offerings" on eBay is the same here as it is in the USA. The "deal killer" is the high postage and handling as well as the time it takes USPS, ADL or who ever to get it here.

    I much prefer to see, try, handle and discuss the purchase - when I need it - and to buy and pay for it and get home again (45Km ~ 30 miles each way).

    I am prepared to pay a premium - if needed - for what I want no matter where I get it. Warranty and service is important to me as well.

    As any quick look at prices for "like" items in the USA and Australia will show that they are 1 1/2 > 2+ times dearer here.

    But that said, that's the way it is and I just have to accept is - which I do.

    I bought quite a bit from CDCO, LMS and others in the USA as well as UK and Europe - but no need to lately. All were excellent as regards product and service.