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    Anyone found a cure for PM's super slow forum? Get tired of visiting and waiting and waiting for response to selection. Turned into molassas for me. Peter
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    Boy am I glad you posted this. I've got the same issues. Due to the loading time. Even just switching between posts is pretty well useless for me.



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      No change here. XP with Firefox+AdblockPlus
      Did you try a different browser?



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        I also have no problem.. Google Chrome with Adblock...

        But this is probably the 1st time in about a year since I have been there...


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          Long load times here as well.

          I don't visit PM often and am not a computer geek. If a site does not work with the software I have on my computer, I simply do not visit it.
          Jim H.


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            Running Win 7 Firefox+AdblockPlus, I quit going there because its so slow.


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              I could barely get on here this AM, but PM came right on. This is the first time today (coming here) that the site came right on.


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                Works fine for me.. but then I have blocked most of googles JavaScript.. Before I did that, Many websites would take 20~40 seconds to load while IE would be 'hard locked' and would refuse to update the window or scroll. (IE8)

                Apon looking through PM's source I find the following JS's that may be slowing your browser:



                4 google scripts, yahoo script, flash (detection?) script, 3 scripts that look vaguely related to the actual forum.

                I recommend adding the following to hosts file redirecting to and putting them in 'Restricted sites' in IE:


                That will prevent IE from ever attempting to run those stupid google scripts, and whatever yahoo is doing.
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                  Black Moons, can you tell us in simple english how to do that please?


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                    I see no difference in speed with IE8 and 9 under Win.XP and 7. If any, there is a little increase in speed for me.
                    WI/IL border, USA


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                      A simple fix, don't go there.
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                        Originally posted by flylo
                        Black Moons, can you tell us in simple english how to do that please?

                        Find help and how-to articles for Windows operating systems. Get support for Windows and learn about installation, updates, privacy, security and more.

                        The internet is a much better (faster) place without google serving targeted javascript/flash ads and analytics trying to scan my PC for every bit of information it can steal (And locking my browser up in the process. Google trying to promote chrome being faster then IE by messing up IE perchance?)

                        I'll also note I do not run 'adblock' or any other blocking plugin, And the only advertisers I have found vile enough to deserve a total block is google.

                        For the record. HSM also runs
                        Although the only other scripts I find are actually related to the forum.
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                          Originally posted by loose nut
                          A simple fix, don't go there.
                          amen to that.


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                            I've got W7 and IE8 - both "unenhanced" and/or "tweeked" - 100% "bare bones" - and PM came right up - perhaps 2 seconds - same with a couple of threads there.

                            It was actually quicker loading there than here - though not by much.

                            Any worried about "lack of speed/loading" might like to relax and contemplate it all while meditating.

                            Yeah - I could hardly believe I'd typed that last bit either.


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                              I find that PM has drastically speeded-up with the new format..... the ONLY thing I like about it.

                              I hate the colors and organization, the sanitized emoticons, and the general "nursery themed" look.

                              But I sure do like the VERY MUCH FASTER LOAD TIMES.
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