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    I don't care how "embellised" or "enhanced" it may or may not be - as long as it works well, which it seems to do (today only? who knows?).

    But surely now he has (all but?) reached the "faster loading" Holy Grail that Don at PM is due for some well earned kudos.

    It will be a nice change here from the perpetual "PM Knocker" Brigade.


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      I also find it is much faster with the latest version, and I unlike Jerry, I like the new colors and could care less about emoticons.

      It loads for me in a second or 3... I'm running IE9. No add-on's of consequence. DSL at less than 800k.

      And.. to say "just don't go there"... that's just wacky. Sure, there's a few PITA characters (like all sites, including this one), but it's a tremendous resource and there's some really smart people over there.


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        I enjoy the Antique section over there but find the new look distracting. It's harder to see which posts are unread and just harder in general for me to read it.

        I have also experienced the super slow page loading since the change, especially when I use the back button. My internet connection is pretty slow (100k or slower). It was obviously designed to cater to the newest fastest connections with no regard for people who have better things to spend their money on.

        The result of their "improvements" is that I don't go there much at all anymore. Not out of spite. I did really like it before, but it's just not worth the frustration now.


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          If you have not deleted all cookies since the upgrade then give it a try. You will have to log back in in which case don't forget to select the "Remember me" check box.


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            I haven't visited PM in a long time. However, this am there was some serious slow down here. It seems to be cleared up now.
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              I run Firefox and the Noscript plugin, I don't let any java script run any where unless I just absolutely have to let it run temporarily to see something. I was not having any trouble at PM before the change, nor am I having any now. Don't really notice any difference in the loading speed.


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                My solution is not having gone there for a few years and it works great.
                It's only ink and paper


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                  Originally posted by Carld
                  My solution is not having gone there for a few years and it works great.
                  I'm with Carl on this one.

                  Well actually, I'm with Carl on many things.