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my grizzly G3616 Mill is dead

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  • my grizzly G3616 Mill is dead

    The electronics went the wrong way with me, and i know nothing about it. So who would I call in California ait to look at it. I can machine but when it comes to this iam lost Brett

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    An electrician. tell him its a manual milling machine before asking him to come over. He should be able to figure out whats wrong as its basically just a motor, switches, relays and a light bulb or two, stuff they deal with every day.
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      Here is a link to the manual if you don't have one.

      Electrical troubleshooting and repair should be pretty straight forward. Cost and parts availability might not be what you will like.

      I have had electrical problems with some of the Grizzly equipment and repairs included converting to american made components in most cases. Asian electrics don't have long lives from my experience.


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        I've killed black bears but have always wanted to kill a Grizzly. Wish you'd have called.


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          May I offer a couple of suggestions?

          Posting where you are may help in obtaining a recommendation for local support.

          Since a schematic (manual) has been graciously posted, there may be some helpful suggestions if you post some more definitive information (i.e.: there doesn't appear to be any power, just one motor doesn't function, the main motor doesn't reverse, smoke leaked out of......, etc.) Also posting what operating voltage your machine is wired for is helpful.

          According to the manual for your machine, there is an internal circuit breaker. Have you checked this, as well as other power connections?

          Good luck in your repair effort.



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            thanks for the info

            I live in Bakersfield California and i well get in the yellow pages Brett